The Ultimate Eco Survivalist's Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Eco Survivalist Christmas Gift Guide

We Land girls were taught from a very young age that it’s our duty to be prepared for as many situations as humanly possible.  And having a dad who actually was prepared for literally ev-uh-ree-thing made it kinda impossible not to inherit. That’s just one of the many reasons we love him though Our desire to learn more about self-sustainability has […]

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Air Chilled Chicken vs Water Chilled Chicken: Is There a Winner? | The Soft Landing

Air-Chilled Chicken vs Water-Chilled Chicken: Is There a Winner?

Grocery store chicken has become a hot spot of concern for consumers. Factory farming practices have been used for a long time now, but people are waking up to the many undesirable aspects of this type of food. Chickens in factory farms seem to be particularly dirty, infected with multiple dangerous bacteria that can make us very […]

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