12 New PVC-free Sassy Bath Toys

Here we are, coming up on our third year in business and safe bath toys are still difficult to locate!

It’s always good news when manufacturers introduces great new bath toys made without toxic plastic.   For 2010, all Sassy bath toys are now BPA and phthalate-free and twelve of them are also PVC-free.

PVC-free Bath Toys

  1. Suds & Sun Visors
  2. Soft Swimmers
  3. Catch & Release Net
  4. Bath Wigglers
  5. Pour & Explore Cups
  6. Fill & Float Duckie
  7. Scrub-A-Dub Carwash
  8. Soft Touch Rinse Cup
  9. Count N Spell Appliques – Rainbow
  10. Count N Spell Appliques – Pink
  11. Pull & Go Boats
  12. Bathtime Pals

Bath Toys Made with PVC

  1. Pour & Explore Water Whirl
  2. Boogie Board Buddie
  3. Snap & Squirt Sea Creatures
  4. Fill-Up Fish
  5. Soft Spout Guard

We’ve heard from several frustrated parents who have had trouble getting correct info from manufacturers when inquiring about whether their toys are made with BPA, PVC and phthalates.   We understand the frustration of getting different answers to the same questions, but also want to be sure you understand that there is much confusion in the toy industry right now.  Whether changes in products were implemented by new CPSC regulations or by the companies themselves, it remains extremely important to know what questions to ask, how to correctly follow up, and to make sure you inquire more than once.

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P.S. The following Sassy bath toys from last year are still BPA, PVC and phthalate-free as well:

  • Aquatic Bobbers
  • Stack Up Critter Cups
  • Bath Links
  • Squirting Sea Creatures
  • Squishy Squirt Pals
  • Counting Fish ‘n Net
  • Double Duckies
  • Hip-O-Boat
  • Fishing Links
  • Hook, Line and Sinkers
  • Bloom and Groom Garden Set
  • Twist and Turn Trio
  • Tubby Tumblers

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  • Christy

    Are the Sassy Bathtime Buddies the same as Bathtime Pals? The toys in the package are the same, but they are called Bathtime Buddies. I assume the buddies are BPA, PVC and phthalate-free also. Am I right? Thanks.

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  • UPVC

    Rigid PVC toyes is produced in China ,contain Lead, harm to child's heath

  • Wooden Toys

    This is important, because I read that BPA is starting to show in the human bloodstream.

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  • toys sale

    You wrote very interesting post i love your blog it contains very informative article i will share it with my friends.

  • Barbie Dream Townhouse

    I can understand the concerns of these parents. Dealing with toxins are always scary to add kids to that equation and your fears go through the roof. Now the good side is seems the great toys have passed with flying colors. and that is good they look like really fun bath toys.

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    Nice article.

  • Sue

    The Sassy site indicates that the bath toys are just phthalate compliant and bpa-free. It does not mention being PVC free either.  Have things changed?

    • http://thesoftlanding.com Alicia

      Hi Sue – All of the Sassy products included in our list have been confirmed directly with the company to be made without PVC. The mainstream world out there isn’t really asking for PVC-free products much at this point, so most companies don’t feel it’s a necessity to label them as such. Something to keep in mind is that PVC is where you typically find phthalates used as a softener. They do make a couple of products from PVC, which is another reason they use the claim “phthalate compliant” to differentiate between their numerous products. It’s a confusing topic, but I hope that helps a little!

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