90 of the Safest Sippy Cups and Drink Bottles for Kids

 90 of the Safest Sippy Cups and Drink Bottles for Kids

What’s that? You need to find the safest sippy cups and drink bottles for kids, you say? No problem! We’ve just finished wading through several hundred options to put together the largest, most comprehensive list in existence to help make your life just a little bit easier.

After weeks of contacting companies, extracting answers, and poring over information, we were able to compile a master list of 90 products confirmed free of endocrine disrupting chemicals that meet the following criteria for safety:

  1. No BPA or BPS
  2. No recycling code #7 plastics
  3. No PVC, phthalates, polystyrene or melamine
  4. No “proprietary” materials
  5. Heavy metal safe

You’ll see that the sippy cups and drink bottles we included are mostly made of glass, stainless steel, polypropylene and silicone.

Don’t forget to check out our guide to Decoding the Mystery of Safer vs Toxic Plastic so you can look at your current kids cups and bottles to help you determine what materials they’re constructed of.

P.S. Did you know that BPA and BPS were recently shown to disrupt thyroid hormone too? Learn more about it here!

NOTE: We contacted as many companies as we possibly could, and there were only two brands that didn’t respond: NUK and Gerber (same company), although we did include one NUK product in the guide because we’d previously known its material makeup.

Sippy and Training Cups

GoGlass 4oz & 10oz Sippy Cups (glass/polypropylene)
Sassy Training Cups (polypropylene)
Green Sprouts Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Nuk 10oz Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
MAM Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Born Free Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Avent Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Summer Infant Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
mOmma Spill-proof Sippy Cup (polypropylene)
Dr. Brown’s Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Boon Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Evenflo Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Ikea Smaska 6oz Training Cup (polypropylene)
Re-Play 10oz Recycled Plastic Sippy Cups
EIO Kids 8oz Training Cup (glass/polypropylene/silicone)
Nuby Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Munchkin Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Playtex Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Fisher Price Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
The First Years Sippy Cups (polypropylene)
Klean Kanteen 12oz Sippy Cups (stainless steel)
Thinkbaby 9oz Sippy Cup (polypropylene)
Pura Kiki 11oz Sippy Cups (stainless steel)
Eco Vessel 10oz Insulated Sippy Cups (stainless steel)
organicKidz 9oz Sippy Bottles (stainless steel)
Thermos Foogo Sippy Cups (stainless steel)
Thinkbaby 9oz Sippy Cup (stainless steel)
New Wave Enviro 12oz Sippy Cup (stainless steel)
Goo-Goo Baby 12oz Drink Bottle System (stainless steel/polypropylene)
Kid Basix 11oz Sippy Cup/Straw Bottles (stainless steel/polypropylene)

Straw Bottles and Cups

YIXIN 9oz Straw Bottle (glass/polypropylene)
Sassy Disney 10oz Straw Cups (polypropylene)
Nuby Wash or Toss 10oz Straw Cups (polypropylene)
Summer Infant Straw Cups (polypropylene)
Munchkin Straw Cups (polypropylene)
nuSpin 8oz Straw Cups (polypropylene)
Evenflo Straw Cups (polypropylene)
Green Sprouts 10oz Straw Bottles (polypropylene)
Green Sprouts 4oz Glass Straw Cups (glass/polypropylene)
Thinkbaby 9oz Straw Bottle (polypropylene)
Sugarbooger 12oz Straw Bottles (stainless steel/polypropylene/silicone)
Skip Hop 12oz Straw Bottles (stainless steel)
Pura Kiki 11oz Straw Bottle (stainless steel)
Thermos Foogo 10oz Straw Bottles (stainless steel)
Thermos Funtainer 12oz Straw Bottles (stainless steel)
Kid Basix 11oz Sippy Cup/Straw Bottles (stainless steel/polypropylene)
Avent Straw Cups (polypropylene)
Thinkbaby 9oz Straw Bottle (stainless steel)
Zoli 6oz Straw Cups (polypropylene)
Zoli PIP 18oz Straw Water Bottles (polypropylene)
Zoli Squeak 12oz Straw Bottles (polypropylene)

Drink Bottles

LifeFactory 12oz Water Bottles (glass/silicone)
Purifyou 12oz Water Bottles (glass/silicone)
New Wave Enviro 12oz Water Bottle (stainless steel)
Laken Jannu 12oz Water Bottle (stainless steel)
OXO Good Grips 12oz Water Bottle (stainless steel)
Contigo 10oz Autospout Water Bottles (stainless steel)
Kid Basix 12oz Water Bottles (stainless steel)
Hydro Flask 12oz Insulated Water Bottles (stainless steel)
Goo-Goo Baby 12oz Drink Bottle System (stainless steel/polypropylene)
Klean Kanteen 12oz Water Bottles (stainless steel)
Thinksport 12oz Water Bottles (stainless steel)
Zoli PIP 18oz Straw Water Bottles (polypropylene)
Zoli 10oz & 12oz Insulated Water Bottles (stainless steel)
Zoli Quench 25oz Water Bottles (polypropylene)
Contigo Trekker 14oz Autoseal Water Bottles (polypropylene)

Cups and Tumblers

LifeFactory 10oz Tumblers (glass/silicone)
Kupp’ 6oz Drinking Cup (glass/polypropylene)
Silikids 6oz Tumblers (glass/silicone)
Kinderville Little Bites 8oz Cups (silicone)
Preserve 16oz Recycled Plastic Cups
Ikea Kalas 8oz Tumblers (polypropylene)
Sip-a-Cup 10oz Tumblers with Built-in Straw (polypropylene)
Beaba Wide-base 4oz Cups (polypropylene)
Cub Cups 8oz Tumblers (stainless steel)
Innobaby 9oz Insulated Cups (stainless steel/polypropylene)
Baby Bjorn 4oz Wide-base Cups (polypropylene/TPE)
Thinkbaby 7oz Think Cups (stainless steel/polypropylene)
Green Eats 12oz Recycled Plastic Tumblers
Re-Play 12oz Recycled Plastic Drinking Cups
Zoli Gulp 9oz Tumblers (ceramic/silicone)
Zoli Swirl 10oz Insulated Tumblers (glass/silicone)
Moyishi Natural Tumblers (solid wood)
Lindy’s 12oz Drinking Cup with Handle (stainless steel)

Drink Tops

Cuppow Jar Drink Tops (polypropylene)
Ball Sip & Straw Mason Jar Lids (polypropylene)
iLIDS Mason Jar Drink Lids (polypropylene)
EcoJarz Canning Jar Drink Lids (silicone)
EcoJarz Canning Jar Drink Lids (stainless steel)
GreenPaxx Universal Lids & Straws (silicone)
uCap Mason Jar Drink Lids (silicone)
Silikids Straw Drink Top (silicone)

Additional Safer Products We’ve Already Confirmed for You

We’ve done an awful lot of research over the last 8 years to locate safer plastic products that are free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, melamine and other worrisome #7 plastics. So take be sure to check our shopping guides first before buying food related products:

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  • Sonya

    I was wondering if you also tested the Camelbak “Eddy” kids water bottle & how it rated.

    • Hi Sonya, Camelbak Eddy bottles are made of a plastic that falls into the recycling code #7 category, so we don’t recommend using them. ~Laura

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much! You guys are awesome! I’m wondering if the sippy cup lids for LifeFactory glass bottles make the cut?

    • You’re so welcome, Melissa! Yes, LifeFactory’s sippy cup lids are made of polypropylene, so they’re an excellent choice. ~Laura

  • You’re very welcome! We haven’t held each of these cups in our hands, but we’ve confirmed with each manufacturer directly to verify materials. We do have to depend on the companies’ representatives to give us accurate information, but it’s been a reliable method in our experience.

    We spoke with a representative from Tommee Tippee during our research, and she informed us that all Tommee Tippee sippy cups are made of recycling code #5 polypropylene, however, we’ve since taken them off of our list due to the recent incidents of mold growing in unreachable valve parts. ~Laura

  • Stacey Wingard

    I’m SO happy I came across this list. Thank you!!!! When you spoke with Thermos did they specify what kind of plastic they use for their lids/spouts/straws?

    • You’re very welcome, Stacey! Thermos lids, straws and spouts are made from either polypropylene or silicone. ~Laura

  • Emily

    I noticed that the skip hop stainless steel bottles are on the list, but not the plastic straw bottles. Is there a reason why? Do you know what the plastic ones are made of? And are they safe?
    Also, have you checked into the munchkin miracle 360 cup? Are they safe? They say BPA free, but I’m not sure if they are safe or not.
    Thank you so much for your hard work on this blog!

    • Hi Emily, Glad you found the article useful! We purposely excluded the Skip Hop plastic straw bottles because they’re made of a recycling code #7 plastic. The Munchkin Miracle 360 cup is included in our guide (in the Munchkin linkout) because it’s made of #5 polypropylene. ~Laura

      • nickole

        is #5 polypropylene ok?

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