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The Soft Landing TeamWho’s behind The Soft Landing?  A team of three sisters and our mom.  We founded our company in 2007 when we became aware of toxic chemicals in products we were using every day with our growing children.  It quickly became apparent that figuring out which products are safer can be really tricky and time consuming.  So we set out on a journey to investigate about where these worrisome chemicals lurk and began sharing what we learned along the way. Now we work together as a team to educate and assist parents in creating a safer living environment for their families while connecting them to the natural living resources they need to make it happen.

Safe, Natural Living Guide

We hope you'll join us on a journey back to the wisdom of our grandparents through wholesome living!  Learn how to read labels, avoid toxic chemicals in every day products, use natural remedies that actually work and to cook real food for real health.

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Professional Childproofing Service

We've been in business for eight years and are excited to bring our passion home to Kansas City!

We specialize in professional childproofing assessment and installation for families who are interested in protecting their loved ones ones from physical harm.

Our Story

It all started in 2006 when Joanie, one of the Land sisters, moved to South Carolina with her husband and baby boy for a work assignment. She called home one morning after taking her son to their new pediatrician for a checkup. The doctor advised her to immediately throw out all clear, hard plastic baby bottles to protect her son from being exposed to estrogen. She left the appointment in shock and began to worry that she was dealing with a doctor who was off his rocker! So she turned to her sister Alicia, a Registered Nurse and unapologetic medical research geek, for help.

Alicia set out that day to prove him wrong but, surprisingly, hundreds of research studies only proved him right! The more information she pored over, the more she began to see a pattern of chemicals leaching from plastics and skincare products to cause endocrine disruption – especially in children. Alicia was shocked and began a search for a plastic baby bottle made without bisphenol- A to recommend to Joanie. When she came up with only one possibility and saw how hard it was to find, her continued research for safe products lead to the birth of The Soft Landing, LLC.

Alicia works with her mom and sisters to educate parents about the dangers of toxic chemicals in everyday products and their effect on growing children.  Their mission is to motivate and empower moms to create change in the marketplace through their buying habits.  Their work has been cited by ABC News, Newsweek, New York Times, USA Today, Fox 4 News, KMBC 9 News, The Kansas City Star, National Geographic's The Green Guide, Dr. Greene, Kiwi and the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Our Team

Alicia Voorhies

Alicia-Profile-3-12Alicia is the oldest girl. She married her Knight in Shining Armor 23 years ago and has homeschooled her three amazing kids for the last ten years.  She's a free thinker and believes it's an individual's duty to question and investigate everything.

Alicia’s a registered nurse by trade and a confessed research geek.  She specializes in safer plastics and serves as our editor-in-chief, social media manager and in-house graphics designer. As a small business owner, Alicia has also learned the ins and outs of successful small business marketing over the years, so you'll find her consulting with other eco-minded companies like Earth Mama Angel Baby and Green Sisterhood on social media marketing.

In her spare time, you'll find her relaxing on the front porch with her kids, reading a book in the sunshine, baking grain-free goodies, camping at the lake, or working on her family's homestead.

Joanie Whitman

Joanie ProfileJoanie is girl number two. She's a happy wife, mom of four, and foodie who believes everyone – including babies – should come back to the kitchen table to enjoy real, unprocessed food.  Joanie continues to make waves in the natural health community with her extensive knowledge of green living.

Joanie's our certified childproofer, so you'll find her making the rounds in Kansas City helping parents create a safe environment for their little ones.

Laura Saville

523761_412513915427742_1059389422_nLaura is girl number three. She had years of experience as a manager in the restaurant industry before becoming a wife and mother.  She was born to handle our special projects (read difficult jobs) since she is a researcher extraordinaire.

Laura was endowed with a clear vision and firm grip on reality. She's never been one to live in a fantasy world of how we should be living; rather she adjusts her course with the common sense changes she can practically carry out in her own life with the latest information available. And stay current she does!  We count on her to keep us abreast of the latest research studies and findings, so you'll find her helping parents reduce their family's exposure to toxic chemicals in everyday products.

Pat Land

525909_3602770663764_1612560255_nPat is our Mama. She’s the Boss (or so she says – because she gave birth to us :)) . She’s our mentor and motivator, cheerleader and foundational support.  She broke the mold in the 1970′s when she left the formula behind against her pediatrician’s advice and exclusively breastfed her babies.  She made sure we ate whole foods growing up, showing us the difference between real and fake food.

Pat is a wiz in the accounting and organizational department, so she keeps our family business running smoothly with every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed.

And we can’t help but mention our Dad. We nicknamed him the Can Do Man because there’s no problem he can’t solve, no project too big.  He taught us the value of integrity and hard work, thinking outside the box, and testing mainstream thoughts against common sense.  He recovered from Agent Orange exposure with alternative health methods.  He stretched our thinking by teaching us how to use vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies and other natural treatments like sinus washing.  We all still call Dad for his recommendations when we catch a bug.  And being an over achiever, he is both a Block Certified Master Electrician AND Plumber.  When we say there is nothing he can't do, we really mean it.

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