BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free Toothbrush Guide

BPA, PVC, Phthalate-free Toothbrush Guide

For the last two months the number one search term entered by our readers has been “toothbrush,” so we set out to locate BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free toothbrushes for the whole family.  We were pleasantly surprised in many cases, and of course disappointed at the same time by the number of companies that wouldn’t even respond.

Here’s a preliminary list to get you brushing in non-toxic style!  We found that most toothbrushes are made from polypropylene (#5) and nylon (for the bristles).  We’ll continue adding to the list as we learn about more options.

SafeMama found the following options as well:

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  • http://tryingtobegreener.wordpress.com/ Kirstin

    I also remember SafeMama saying a while back that children's “Oral B” toothbrushes are BPA-free also. Is this still the case? If so, it's great news since this brand is easily found at many drugstores.

  • Lynn_Anne_Miller

    Gosh, just when we think we have BPA out of our sippies and baby bottles, we have to worry about toothbrushes? Who woulda thunk it? Thanks for pointing this out and for the great research. I was just telling Boo tonight he needed a new toothbrush! Hope I can get Batman BPA-free!

  • http://thesoftlanding.com thesoftlanding

    You are SO right! I had Oral B in my original copy, but it disappeared by the time I published. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me :)

  • Barbara Fine

    RT @thesoftlanding: BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free Toothbrush Guide http://bit.ly/2ZEobM #BPAfree #PVCfree

  • http://thesoftlanding.com thesoftlanding

    I hear you, Lynn! Removing BPA is definitely an overwhelming prospect – but we're making headway little by little!

  • facebook-1446741257

    Lebby “hid” the last toothbrush I bought him, so this is a good time to invest in one of these BPA-free options. The RazBaby link is pointing to the Nuby 3-piece set on Amazon. I assume it's the RaZ-A-Dazzle one that comes up when you google it, but thought I'd point it out, just in case.

  • Claudia

    Lynn, are colgate toothbrushes (for kids) safe as well?

  • http://thesoftlanding.com thesoftlanding

    Hi Claudia,

    We haven't heard back from Colgate yet, but we're hoping to get some info on them soon.


  • http://thesoftlanding.com thesoftlanding

    Hi Kimberly,

    Oops! Thanks for pointing out the incorrect link. It's been corrected now – and yes, it is the Raz-a-Dazzle toothbrush :)


  • maggie

    so, is polypropylene and nlyon bristles safe?

  • maggie

    so, is polypropylene and nlyon bristles safe?

  • Different Maggie

    I am also wondering about the safety of vinyl bristles. I contacted Sonicare and that is what is in their bristles.

    Thank you so much for your work – I will be referring to your site a lot as we try to switch to safer alternatives.

  • http://thesoftlanding.com Alicia

    Hi Maggie – we've never actually run into a toothbrush with vinyl bristles. Everything we've researched has been made with nylon bristles, which appears to be safe.

  • Different Maggie

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Will see if I can find out more through research online. No luck so far. If I find anything I will post here. I don't want to have to give up electronic toothbrushes, as they seem great for the gums!

  • Toothbrush Sanitizer

    I think, both polypropylene and nlyon bristles are safe.

  • theswan8

    I want one of these guides! 😀

  • Upvc66

    Anti toxic plastic

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  • Cholbert21

    what about adult toothbrushes

  • http://www.facebook.com/deane.rogers.3 Deane Rogers

    What brands of toothbrushes did have pvc or BPA?

  • Burkey

    The adult “Preserve” ones sound pretty cool, and I really like their commitment to helping people send their used toothbrushes back to be further recycled. Pack of 6 online for less than $20, I think I’ll give them a whirl. For those also considering toothpastes not only would I recommend a fluoride-free, SLS-free toothpaste, but also consider one without glycerin too so your enamel can heal. I currently use Uncle Harry’s toothpastes, all natural ingredients. The cinnamon one for example contains Calcium carbonate, sea salt, mustard seed powder, cinnamon, eucalyptus,
    clove, oregano, peppermint and wintergreen essential oils, bentonite
    clay, ionic minerals, and colloidal silver water.

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  • Healthy Mama

    I called sonicare customer service this morning and received a very rude response. I wanted to know if sonicare uses Phthalates in their toothbrush heads. She asked if it was associated with PBA. I said, “do you mean BPA?” She didn’t have an answer (which was fine), but wouldn’t help me talk to someone that could give me an answer. I asked since she didn’t know what it was, if I could e-mail someone in Customer Service…I was told no. Good Luck to whomever sent the e-mail. I hope you get a response.

  • Brett

    This is great information! What about the eco-friendly SenzaBamboo toothbrush? Biodegradable and made of sustainable bamboo. There is also a kids version.

    • http://thesoftlanding.com/ The Soft Landing Sisters

      Thanks Brett! We hadn’t come across the SenzaBamboo toothbrush before, but appreciate the suggestion. We’ll look into it! ~Alicia

      • TodayWeLieQuestionMark

        Bamboo products might be sustainable, but they are mostly made with formaldehyde based glues. MMM toxins.

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