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25 Ways to Create a Safe, Non-toxic Environment for Your Baby by

25 Ways to Create a Safe, Non-toxic Environment for Your Baby

Our team provides professional babyproofing services in Kansas City, but our vision of safety varies quite a bit from the norm.  While we’re serious about protecting our babies from physical harm, true safety is really about so much more than that.  I believe it’s a HUGE oversight to ignore safety from toxic chemicals in a […]

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Baby Formula

Canadian Testing Shows No BPA in Over 200 Samples of Infant Formula, Pre-packaged Fruits and Juice

As you know, Bisphenol-A (BPA) can migrate from the epoxy coatings of aluminum cans right into the food, especially in hot-filled or heat-processed foods.  So I was intrigued to learn that testing done by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) showed absolutely no BPA in 234 samples of domestic and imported infant formula, pre-packaged fruit and juices. […]

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Protect Your Child from Chemical Fumes with Mattress Wrapping

Protect Your Child from Chemical Fumes with Mattress Wrapping

I always recommend making a safe, natural mattress one of your top purchasing priorities. But what if you simply can’t afford to make the investment right now? I say start saving up and wrap your mattress in the meantime.

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Frog Humidifier

Safe Humidifiers for Children

We’ve been keeping our eyes open for a warm mist humidifier made without polycarbonate plastic for quite a while and we kept coming back empty-handed.   Safe Mama reported that her search had been unsuccessful too. Last week our kids passed around a heavy duty cold, so I dug out our old standby Vicks humidifier.  I decided […]

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4 Ways to Childproof Your Home for the Holidays by

4 Ways to Childproof Your Home for the Holidays

Physical harm such as choking on decorations or playing with the outlet where Christmas lights are plugged in are not the only concerns. Surprisingly, toxic chemicals like lead in PVC trees and lights also play a big role in creating an unsafe environment too. Christmas trees Most artificial trees are made from PVC plastic. Not […]

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Babyproofing Kitchen Cabinets

How to Choose the Right Cabinet and Drawer Locks When Babyproofing Your Home

Choosing the right cabinet and drawer locks for your home can be a daunting task.   With so many styles available, which is right for you?  An easy way to get started is to ask yourself a couple of questions: Is the area to be proofed highly used, moderately used or rarely used? Do you plan […]

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Melissa Moog's Green Nursery

Must Have Tips for Creating a Healthy, Non-toxic and Green Nursery

Over five years, ago I was given the most precious gift and miracle one could ever ask for. This gift was the ability to carry a little miracle inside my body for nine months and give birth to the most beautiful being I had ever laid eyes on, Isabella. She was the inspiration behind Itsabelly […]

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