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10,000 Step a Day Challenge with

30 Days of Walking With My Trusty Omron Pedometer

I enjoy exercising.  For me it’s both invigorating and relaxing, all at once. Several months ago, I suddenly remembered that we just happen to live about 4 minutes away from the most amazing trails in the Kansas City area.  So my Mom and I started walking 3 or 4 times a week and really enjoyed […]

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Non-toxic DIY Dog De-Skunk by

Don’t Bother with Any Other Dog De-Skunking Method

It was 1:00a.m. when my oldest son, Kyle, came bursting through my bedroom door.  A feeling of panic began to settle in, while visions of horrible possibilities swarmed my sleepy mind.  Then I heard him yelling about a skunk emergency.  I never thought I’d be SO relieved to be dealing with such an obnoxious problem […]

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Natural First Aid Kit for Camping

I’m packing for our first camping trip of the summer right now.  We’ve gotten our routine down pretty well over the years, and a big part of that is knowing what minor injuries and illnesses we need to be prepared to handle. Top 5 Tried and True Natural First Aid Remedies Angel Baby Bottom Balm […]

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Bust that Sore Throat and Hacking Cough with 5 Simple Ingredients from

Bust that Sore Throat and Hacking Cough with 5 Simple Ingredients from Your Kitchen

It’s been a tough Winter for our entire family with various strains of flu flying here, there and everywhere! I suffered through the good old upper respiratory virus, only to be smacked with a terrible follow-up case of bronchitis.  The sore throat and cough were the worst I’ve ever experienced, keeping me uncomfortable and sleepless […]

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Coconut Oil Super Powers by

Coconut Oil Super Powers

I began adding coconut oil and coconut milk to my diet many years ago.  For me personally, I was hoping for an improvement in thyroid function, energy levels and the healing of scar tissue. Within the first two weeks, I noticed a consistently higher energy level, as well as a decrease in my cravings for […]

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8 Holistic Health Tips for Kids

By Nancy Massotto, Ph.D, Founder and Executive Director of Holistic Moms Network Now that the kids are back to school and fall is settling in, we know cold and flu season will quickly follow.  Like many other parents, I do my best to prevent illness and when something minor does strike (which seems inevitable), I […]

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