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Testing Reveals Vinyl (PVC) in Flooring and Wallpaper Contains Toxic Chemicals

If this most recent news highlighting the woes of PVC doesn’t convince America that it’s time to make a major move toward PVC-free alternatives, then nothing will! The nonprofit Ecology Center tested over 1,000 flooring samples and nearly 2,300 types of wallpaper for substances that have been linked to asthma, birth defects, learning disabilities, reproductive […]

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Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees: Not an Obvious Answer

At first glance, artificial trees seem to make more sense as a long-term solution when considering cost, ease of use and the reusability factor.   Artificial trees actually have some eye appeal these days, as compared to the days when they were manufactured by a toilet brush company. Cutting down a living tree seems like a […]

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The Disappearing Male

Wow.  I’ve been immersed in the world of environmental toxin hazards for years, but The Disappearing Male documentary was shocking.  It has a Doomsday feel to be sure, but the dramatic increases in genital deformities, low sperm count, sperm abnormalities and testicular cancer in males can no longer be ignored. We’re just beginning to see […]

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