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Get Ready for the Toxies: Halogenated Flame Retardants Nominated for Super Hot Mess Award

Have you heard?  The Toxies is less than two days away!  Being filmed live from Hollywood on June 16th, the Toxies is the annual awards ceremony for the worst-of-the-worst “bad actor” chemicals like halogenated flame retardants and BPA. You can learn all about each chemical’s M.O. by browsing their ingeniously designed characters at where […]

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Baby Car Seat Contain Toxic Flame Retardant Chemicals

Study Finds Toxic Flame Retardants in 80% of Baby Gear Made with Foam

We recently delved into toxic flame retardants used in foam in part 2 of our series on the topic.  And now a new study confirms that we are literally surrounded by these chemicals, from cushions to pillows, strollers, nursing pillows and rocking chairs. The study authors raised concerns that babies are at risk of greater […]

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The Most Common Flame Retardants: Chlorinated

The Most Common Flame Retardants, Part 2: Chlorinated

In Part 2 of our series investigating flame retardant chemicals, we’re looking at another of the most common flame retardants used in the United States, Chlorinated Flame Retardants (CFR’s). I realize that we may not be able to avoid this group of chemicals, but it’s important to learn where they’re found so that we can […]

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