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PVC-free Ball Pits Balls for Safe Playtime

We finally tracked down a couple of PVC-free ball manufacturers after running into way too many toxic brands.  So many companies responded to our inquiries in the same way, “All of our play pit balls are made with non-toxic, phthalate-free PVC.”  Ummmm, right . . . Not only are many of the balls made from […]

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Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees: Not an Obvious Answer

Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees: Not an Obvious Choice

At first glance, artificial Christmas trees seem to make more sense as a long-term solution when considering cost, ease of use and the reusability factor.   Artificial trees actually have some eye appeal these days, as compared to the days when they were manufactured by a toilet brush company. Cutting down a living tree seems like […]

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Download Our Free Ebook to Find Out Why Avoiding Toxic Plastic is More Important Than Ever

The Environmental Working Group just released the results of a 2 year study where the umbilical cord blood of 10 random infants was tested for chemical pollutants.  BPA was detected for the first time ever – but it wasn’t the only offender – 231 other contaminants were found as well.  This research demonstrates that industrial […]

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Is it Safe to Wash Plastic Bottles and Dishes in the Dishwasher?

Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to wash plastic food containers in the dishwasher, even if they are BPA-free?  That’s a great question that requires a two-part answer, because not all plastic containers the same . . . Most Reusable Bottles and Dishes are Dishwasher Safe Many plastic containers are specifically intended for reuse […]

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Health Canada Releases Test Results Showing BPA in BPA-free Bottles

We recently shared our thoughts on the test results obtained by Health Canada as well as our questions regarding the testing methods used.   Now, thanks to a tip from Kevin Brodwick (Thinkbaby’s founder), we’ve learned that Health Canada has released the results!  The study investigated migration of BPA from both polycarbonate and non-polycarbonate baby bottles […]

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Kidishes Duralex Glass Cups, Bowls & Plates

The ultimate non-plastic dishes for kids are finally here!  Made in France and brought to the U.S. by Zoe B, of Natursutten natural rubber pacifier fame, Kidishes are the perfect solution for parents who are ready to throw in the towel on plastic. No more worrying about the possibility of endocrine-disrupting chemicals.  No more microwaving […]

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