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How to Choose PVC Free Pools, Toys, Floaties and Life Jackets by

How to Choose PVC-free Pools, Floaties, Toys and Life Jackets

We never dreamed how difficult it would be to find PVC-free baby/kid pools, floaties, life jackets and toys.  After 5 years of searching, you’d think we would have quite a long list of options – but that’s not the case.  Summer’s here, so have a look ahead at our newly updated list along with tips for […]

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PVC-free Swimming Pool Solar Covers

PVC-free Swimming Pool Solar Covers

My parents have a pool and I’ve always been concerned about whether their solar pool cover was PVC-free.   In doing some quick research online, it was impossible to tell the type of plastic used, as retailers don’t list it specifically.  We did learn however, that they’re typically made of three types of plastic: UV-stabilized polyethylene, […]

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