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Tupperware is Moving Away from Polycarbonate Plastic (BPA)

We’re happy to report that Tupperware is finally moving away from BPA.  Most people wouldn’t know it though, because they make it so hard to find the information on their website.  It’s kind of strange, especially since they’re going to such effort to replace polycarbonate with safer alternatives. They’ve gone above and beyond most other […]

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Collapsible Water Bottles and PET Plastic

Tree Hugger recently highlighted a new collapsible bottle by Aquatina, praising its environmental friendliness and non-toxic status.  I saw several comments from readers wondering why in the world anyone would be excited about yet another collapsible bottle. What they don’t realize is that many collapsible water bottles violate one of the rules of avoiding toxic […]

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EIO Kids Cup Answers Demand for Safe Glass Sippy

Yep, it’s really here – the first real glass sippy cup!  We finally have a solution for folks who are striving to curb their plastic use.  And I’m sure you can probably guess that the EIO Kids Cup was invented by a mom who realized that what she really wanted for her children didn’t exist. […]

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PVC-free Swimming Pool Solar Covers

My parents have a pool and I’ve always been concerned about whether their solar pool cover was PVC-free.   In doing some quick research online, it was impossible to tell the type of plastic used, as retailers don’t list it specifically.  We did learn however, that they’re typically made of three types of plastic: UV-stabilized polyethylene, […]

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