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Carla Bartolucci

The Founder of Bionaturae Shares Her Insight on Making the Switch to BPA-free Canned Foods

Carla Bartolucci founded Bionaturae 18 years ago with her Italian husband.  She has two children and worries about toxic chemicals just like we do.  She’s been feeding her own family organic foods for many, many years in an effort to keep their toxic chemical exposure to a minimum. I found her personal insight on food packaging, […]

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8 Holistic Health Tips for Kids

By Nancy Massotto, Ph.D, Founder and Executive Director of Holistic Moms Network Now that the kids are back to school and fall is settling in, we know cold and flu season will quickly follow.  Like many other parents, I do my best to prevent illness and when something minor does strike (which seems inevitable), I […]

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Baby Formula

Is the Arsenic Found in Organic Brown Rice Syrup Based Baby Formulas Dangerous?

A new study found that certain baby formulas containing organic brown rice syrup have 20-30 times more inorganic arsenic than those without the ingredient. The levels were significantly higher than the acceptable limits set for water by the EPA. The Dartmouth researchers said that rice takes up the natural arsenic from the soil, so brown […]

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Learn How to Eat Non-toxic {Giveaway}

Katy Farber is an author, teacher and green blogger.  In her latest work, she takes busy parents by the hand to help them navigate each aspect of safer, healthier eating.  Katy’s insight and experience is especially helpful for new parents who are trying to tackle this mountain of information alone. Eat Non-Toxic: a manual for […]

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What Does a Used Car Salesman Have in Common with Similac?

What Does a Used Car Salesman Have in Common with Similac?

Thank you SafeMama for broaching the subject of whether or not Similac SimplePac containers are BPA free.  We’ve been talking with many parents who have the same burning question.  We haven’t come away with a black and white answer either. I swear we’re going to have to hire a P.I. to sneak around and get […]

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Wish you had access to a holistic doctor 24/7? These expert-recommended remedies to treat what ails you safely and naturally at home are the next best thing! So make room in your kitchen cupboard for these surprisingly effective and totally affordable recipes.