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Non-toxic DIY Dog De-Skunk by

Don’t Bother with Any Other Dog De-Skunking Method

It was 1:00a.m. when my oldest son, Kyle, came bursting through my bedroom door.  A feeling of panic began to settle in, while visions of horrible possibilities swarmed my sleepy mind.  Then I heard him yelling about a skunk emergency.  I never thought I’d be SO relieved to be dealing with such an obnoxious problem […]

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How to Remove Pet Urine Odor Naturally by

How to Remove Pet Urine Odor Naturally

Expert guest post by Jeff Voorhies, IICRC Certified Carpet Technician I know my wife’s all about reducing toxic chemicals in the home – and so am I.  But as a carpet cleaner, I don’t recommend using harsh commercial stain and odor removers for another reason too:  they’re the worst possible choice for the care of […]

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4 Simple Ways to Avoid Hidden Chemicals in Everyday Products

4 Simple Ways to Avoid Hidden Chemicals in Every Day Products

Parents can’t help but experience an overwhelming sense of helplessness when searching for safer options in a store full of unlabeled products.  Current regulation doesn’t provide an effective way to manage the 2,000 new chemicals brought to market each year. Our biggest hope for the near future is truth in labeling so Americans can make […]

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5 Ways to Go Natural on a Budget >> The Soft Landing

5 Ways to Go Natural on a Budget

When our household budget began to feel the squeeze, I wasn’t exactly looking for the silver lining.  But what felt like a loss at first, ended up being a blessing in disguise.  Who knew that actively looking for ways to save money could end up delivering an even better benefit by reducing our exposure to toxic chemicals […]

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Wish you had access to a holistic doctor 24/7? These expert-recommended remedies to treat what ails you safely and naturally at home are the next best thing! So make room in your kitchen cupboard for these surprisingly effective and totally affordable recipes.