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New Report Lead in Green Sprouts Sippy Cups

New Report: Lead Found in Green Sprouts Sippy Cup

Lead in Green Sprouts sippy cups?! Say it ain’t so! The paint on iPlay Green Sprouts sippy cup’s glass insert tested positive for lead and the company’s response was very disappointing.

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How to Find Non-toxic Christmas Trees

How to Find a Non-toxic Artificial Christmas Tree

Until recently, artificial Christmas trees were cut from compressed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets. Now there’s a newer technology that allows manufacturers to create branch tips that are made from injection-molded polyethylene (PE) plastic using copies of live tree needles.

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The Only Stainless Steel Travel Mug Made in the USA

The ONLY Stainless Steel Travel Mug Made in the USA!

We’ve spent the last 7 years searching for a stainless steel travel mug that’s made in the USA, right here at home. We had absolutely zero luck finding one, quickly realizing that over 99% of all stainless steel bottles and mugs are made in China…until now!

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Comprehensive Baby Food Guide - graphic

Comprehensive Safe and Natural Baby Food Guide

Lowering your child’s exposure to environmental toxins is a necessity, so avoiding toxic chemicals in baby food packaging and baby food makers is an important step.

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What Kind of Plastic are Drinking Straws Made From

What Kind of Plastic are Drinking Straws Made From? (PLUS 6 Non-plastic Alternatives)

Looking at the plastic that comes into contact with our food, we realized we’re surrounded by plastic drinking straws too. So what are they made from?

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