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Comprehensive Baby Food Guide - graphic

Comprehensive Safe and Natural Baby Food Guide

Lowering your child’s exposure to environmental toxins is a necessity, so avoiding toxic chemicals in baby food packaging and baby food makers is an important step.

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Safer vs Toxic Plastic - Decoding the Mystery

Decoding the Mystery of Safer vs Toxic Plastic

Learn to navigate the world of safer vs toxic plastic with a comprehensive roadmap and you’ll be on your way to replacing endocrine disrupting compounds that mimic or block hormones in no time!

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Where Do YOU Draw the Line on Using "Safer" Plastic?

Where Do YOU Draw the Line on Using “Safer” Plastic?

There’s been a whole lotta talk around my social circles about plastic lately. Some folks are taking the stance that there’s really no such thing as “safer” plastic, so it should never be used. How do you feel about that?

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How to Choose Safe Containers for DIY Skin Care Recipes

How to Choose Safe Containers for DIY Skincare Recipes

So you’re the DIY Queen with your natural, homemade skincare brews, huh? The next step is choosing safe containers that don’t contaminate your recipe!

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Is BPS the New Mystery Chemical in BPA-free Plastic Food Containers and Cans by

Is BPS the New Mystery Chemical in BPA-free Cans, Dishes and Kitchen Appliances?

We’ve heard a lot about BPS substitution for BPA in cans, dishes and kitchen appliances so we got busy digging to get answers about where it’s hiding.

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Tupperware is Moving Away from Polycarbonate Plastic (BPA)

We’re happy to report that Tupperware is finally moving away from BPA.  Most people wouldn’t know it though, because they make it so hard to find the information on their website.  It’s kind of strange, especially since they’re going to such effort to replace polycarbonate with safer alternatives. They’ve gone above and beyond most other […]

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