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Baby Formula

Canadian Testing Shows No BPA in Over 200 Samples of Infant Formula, Pre-packaged Fruits and Juice

As you know, Bisphenol-A (BPA) can migrate from the epoxy coatings of aluminum cans right into the food, especially in hot-filled or heat-processed foods.  So I was intrigued to learn that testing done by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) showed absolutely no BPA in 234 samples of domestic and imported infant formula, pre-packaged fruit and juices. […]

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Carla Bartolucci

The Founder of Bionaturae Shares Her Insight on Making the Switch to BPA-free Canned Foods

Carla Bartolucci founded Bionaturae 18 years ago with her Italian husband.  She has two children and worries about toxic chemicals just like we do.  She’s been feeding her own family organic foods for many, many years in an effort to keep their toxic chemical exposure to a minimum. I found her personal insight on food packaging, […]

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Campbell's Tomato Soup

Campbell’s Responds to Concerned Parents and Commits to Removing BPA from Cans

It felt like a rumor when I first heard it. The All-American soup company going BPA-free? But it’s true. And I can’t tell you how much I’m savoring the parent-driven, grassroots movement that created the kind of change that legislation often can’t.

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NaturalNews - Plastics Are Good For You!

Plastics: An Important Part of Your Healthy Diet

I came across this crazy advertisement today while reading through the growing list of chemicals implicated in hormone disrutpion on  The ad was part of a series run widely in the 1990’s recommending that people think of plastic as “your sixth basic food group.”   It’s amazing to think about what the chemical industry spends to convince people of the safety of […]

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BPA in BPA-free Baby Bottles

Health Canada Releases Test Results Showing BPA in BPA-free Bottles

We recently shared our thoughts on the test results obtained by Health Canada as well as our questions regarding the testing methods used.   Now, thanks to a tip from Kevin Brodwick (Thinkbaby’s founder), we’ve learned that Health Canada has released the results!  The study investigated migration of BPA from both polycarbonate and non-polycarbonate baby bottles […]

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New Study Shows 69% Increase in BPA Levels with Polycarbonate Bottle Use

The scientific journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, just published the shocking results of a new study done by Harvard University and Centers for Disease Control Prevention.   The levels of bisphenol-a in the urine of 77 Harvard increased by two-thirds after they drank cold liquids from BPA water bottles for only a week. Whether or not […]

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Fast Company on BPA: Seeds of Doubt Falsely Planted with Big Tobacco Tactics

It was amazing to read Dave Case’s well-written article The Real Story Behind Bisphenol-a.  The opening tag line alone casts a spotlight of dismay across what I’ve called the Bisphenol-a Debate: How a handful of consultants used Big Tobacco’s tactics to sow doubt about science and hold off regulation of BPA, a chemical in hundreds […]

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