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BPA in BPA-free Baby Bottles

Health Canada Releases Test Results Showing BPA in BPA-free Bottles

We recently shared our thoughts on the test results obtained by Health Canada as well as our questions regarding the testing methods used.   Now, thanks to a tip from Kevin Brodwick (Thinkbaby’s founder), we’ve learned that Health Canada has released the results!  The study investigated migration of BPA from both polycarbonate and non-polycarbonate baby bottles […]

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Melamine in China’s Milk vs. Melamine in Dinnerware

Let me start by saying that this is not an article about whether melamine dinnerware is safe.  We personally don’t use melamine dishes, because we’re waiting for more scientific evidence that toxic chemicals (like formaldehyde) don’t migrate from them into our food. Rather, this is an exploration of the difference between the organic compound melamine, […]

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