Eden Foods Finds a Better Solution to BPA-lined Cans for Tomatoes and Sauces

Hooray for Eden Foods!  They’ve made a move away from BPA lined cans to glass jars at the request of their consumers.  They remedied the problem of light exposure causing discoloration and off-flavor through chemical change in the food by using amber glass.  And while the lids of the jars still contain some BPA epoxy, Tree Hugger noted recently that the BPA is covered by another layer of epoxy so the BPA doesn’t come in contact with the food. Also, further separation is created by an area of air/vacuum between the cap and the food, so the surface area exposed to the food is substantially less for a twist cap than for canned goods.

The next question is what is that inner layer of epoxy made from?  Never fear, we’ll continue doing our homework and alert you when we find the answer.

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  • Mindful Momma

    Great news! Thanks for being on top of this issue!

  • Erin17

    can’t wait to hear about the update. Wish they could do away with BPA in lids too. What I really wish is that an organic company would put their sauce in a box. I can only find a non-organic sauce that comes in a box.


    erin, be careful the boxes sometimes have BPA in them too.

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  • Laura Attales

    Yay! Double-yay! Triple-yay!

  • Michelle Stern

    Hurray! This is great news 🙂

  • Mommy Is Green

    I’m excited for your next post on this. I definitely want to know more!

  • Eve Fox

    Looking forward to your next post! the suspense is kinda killing me…

  • Shell

    YES! I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks so much. I can go back to eating tomatoes canned! I mean…jarred!

  • Paige

    Finally! Do they sell at Whole Foods?

  • Paige

    More importantly – DO THEY TASTE GOOD!? 🙂

  • ironchefmom

    Can you tell me if tomatoes in aseptic box packages contain BPA?

  • Any word on the epoxy yet??

  • Jax

    Yes, any update on the epoxy Eden Organic is using to line the BPA lining (that sounds funny)???

    • Hi Jax – Nope, no response yet. It’s shocking how many phone calls and follow up it requires to gather seemingly simple pieces of info! We’ll stay on it!

  • Anya

    Those do not taste that great as opposed to Pomi

  • Anya

    Those do not taste that great as opposed to Pomi

  • Limace1

    Do you know if there is any cooking process that does remove or neutralize BPA from food?  In other words, does heat affect BPA negatively (or positively for us)?

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