Learn How to Do Your Own Safer Plastic Research with Our Free Guide

Safer Plastic Research Guide by www.thesoftlanding.com
How in the world do you choose safer products from thousands of untested, unlabeled and unhealthy options sitting on the shelves of your local store?

It seems like a full time job to keep your family safe sometimes.  Our team has spent the last seven years researching toxic plastic alternatives, so we’ve learned the ins and outs of getting to the heart of the matter quickly.  We’ve made costly mistakes, wasted many hours asking the wrong questions, and listened to lines of bologna – so you don’t have to.

We’ve been asked by thousands of parents to teach them how to do their own research. Now we’ve condensed the most important aspects of getting the job done right into the Safer Plastic Research Guide.

What You’ll Learn

  • What toxic chemicals you’re looking for and why
  • How to decipher labels and identify common uses for different types of plastics
  • Tips on minimizing your overall exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • Why some plastics are generally toxic
  • Which plastics are generally safer choices
  • Safer product shopping guide resources
  • How to do your own detective work
  • BONUS: Special tracking form for tracking your own product research

Get started researching like a pro today!  Click HERE to Download Your Free Guide

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  • Love this! You ladies are rock stars.

    • Wow Betsy, thank you so much for the amazing compliment! It means an awful lot coming from you! ~Alicia

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