Make Time to Watch the Toxic America Feature on CNN

I’ve really been looking forward to CNN’s “Toxic America.”  I just hopped onto their website to take a look at the helpful list of resources and was shocked to learn that my home state of Kansas is plagued by Trichloroethylene.  In fact, we are exposed to more TCE than any other state in the whole U.S.!

And here I am, blissfully unaware, like most folks in our area of the country.  It’s eve more clear that I need to make a concerted effort to further educate myself about local toxics threatening my family’s health.  That I need to take a more active role in advocating for change.

But I must admit, just saying the words “advocate for change” instantly creates a feeling of overwhelm for me.  What does it really mean?  How do I get started?  Is it even possible to create change in such ingrained traditions and beliefs?

I hope you will consider telling your friends about the two part series airing on CNN, June 2nd and June 3rd at 7pm CST.   It’s an investigative report uncovering an unsettling story of the high cancer rates, high levels of dioxin and lacking environmental justice in Mossville.  It’s the story of a town with over 180,000 residents and 375 homes neighboring the chemicals plants, and recently dubbed as the Vinyl Manufacturing Capital of America.

Join Me for  the #ecowed Twitter Party After the Show Tonight

After tonight’s episode has aired, please join me along with my partners, 3 Green Angels for our Twitter Party (#ecowed) at 9pm CST.  We’ll discuss our thoughts on “Toxic America” and share ideas for getting started advocating in your area.

Photo Credit: Toxic America

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  • Melissa Phinney

    Thanks for letting us know, will definatly watch this tonight! dd will have to stay up late so mommy and daddy can watch it and make our future safer! :) Then daddy must put baby to bed so mommy can twitter! lol. I can dream :) But I will try my best to be at the party too, can't promise that though!

  • Jen

    When I worked for a publishing company there was a book called Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World. I hadn't read it since I didn't have kids but now have to find a copy since it gives good ideas of what we can do in our homes to limit toxins… it is overwhelming, esp. considering out towns, state, etc.

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