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Stressed Out? RESCUE to the Rescue, Naturally!

Stressed Out? RESCUE to the Rescue, Naturally!

My family knows I've been very stressed out lately. Stress here, there and everywhere. It hasn't been all bad stress, just mostly {wink, wink}. We've pretty much run the gamut of ridiculousness these past few months, so I've had to re-up my stress-busting modus operandi.

I usually deal with undue pressure by sitting quietly, praying, drinking my favorite tea or maybe snagging a quick nap to recharge my brain cells. It all helps, especially when I remember my favorite saying about tough times, “This too shall pass.”

Then there was RESCUE. I was surprised to see these products in my local drugstore. A natural, homeopathic, stress-relieving aid that's easy to get a hold of? What new kind of magic is this?? So I picked some up and happily plopped it in my cart. And sure enough, it wasn't long before I had the chance to try out these Pearls of wonder.

Stress, Be GONE!

The first time I used my RESCUE Pearls was on a day when I was late for all of life. Literally ev-uh-ree-thing. I hateRESCUE Pearls being late. I mean…I really hate it. So I stuck one on my tongue, and waited for it to dissolve or pop, or whatever, and hoped for the best.

As it dissolved, I noticed a taste that was very pleasant and orange-y, and I felt a nice little wave of calmness after several minutes. Could it be working? Yes…Yes, I think so! It was fast, easy and convenient, and I really think it helped me relax and reclaim my thoughts in that moment.

It was just what I needed to help put everything into perspective. Is my lateness going to bring an end to the entire world? No, it's not, so I'll give myself some grace and aim for a better result next time…(what was I freakin' out about again?).  🙂

RESCUE Sleep Liquid MeltsI'd definitely recommend trying at least one of the RESCUE line of products. I have a bit of trouble sleeping from time to time, but I never take sleep aids because I don't like all those chemicals and side effects. The idea of having a homeopathic solution available to me should I ever need it is something I really like, so I think I'll pick of some RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts too.

Not only are these products homeopathic and developed by a doctor, they're incredibly easy to find. And because they're so natural, they have no side effects; take as needed. How cool is that?!

What are some of your favorite methods to relieve stress?

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