Naturepedic Organic Cotton Mattress Review

Lullaby Earth Naturpedic MattressesI had the chance to give the Naturepedic organic baby mattress a serious run for the money.  My 1 year old has been using it for the last six months and  I can’t speak more highly of a mattress!  It is hands-down an excellent choice, not only in safety but in performance and quality.

Is Organic Really Necessary?

The heated debate surrounding the topic of organic mattresses rages on.  But in whittling it down, I had to consider that my child spends an average of 12 hours a day laying in his bed.  It only makes sense then, that working to eliminate potentially toxic chemicals in son’s mattress should be a first step in creating a healthier environment for him.

Concerns with Traditional Mattresses

You know how much we detest vinyl (PVC) with its myriad toxic components here at The Soft Landing.  So once I learned that traditional baby mattresses were covered in PVC, I knew right away that something had to change.    And that’s not the only concern:  the inside of regular mattresses typically contain polyurethane foam (and thus many volatile organic compounds) which is treated with PBDEs to add flame resistance.

My Experience with Naturepedic

  • Waterproof cover rocks: it’s made from food grade polyethylene so it’s easy to clean, impossible to permanently soil
  • Tough cover serves as a bug barrier
  • Fits my old crib perfectly, very snug:  no gaps between rails and mattress,  keeps pacifiers from getting lost beside mattress
  • No need for mattress cover, cuts down on laundry
  • Not bulky
  • No textures surface: smooth covering is more comfortable for baby
  • Hypoallergenic: no latex, wool or high allergy materials
  • Has firmer side:  it feels firm but comfortable (CPSC recommends infants sleep on a firm, flat surface)
  • Naturepedic is certified by GreenGuard and recommended by Healthy Child Healthy World.  Both carry a lot of weight for me.
  • Most importantly, I sleep easy at night knowing my baby isn’t inhaling or soaking up toxic chemicals while he sleeps!

Naturepedic’s List of Missing Ingredients

NO Brominated or Chlorinated Fire Retardants
NO Antimony
NO PAN (polyacrylonitrile)
NO Modacrylic
NO Dimethyl Sulfate
NO Boric Acid
NO Respirable Crystaline Silica
NO Potentially Harmful Chemicals or Allergenic Materials (i.e. Wool)

I sure feel great about recommending their mattresses based on chemical safety and high quality manufacturing.  They also offer other organic bedding items such as portacrib mattresses, mattress covers, and changing pads.

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NOTE: Naturepedic provided this mattress for my review at no cost.

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  • Stephanie

    Wow, I had just ordered a cotton (not organic) mattress with boric acid but without pvc yesterday for my son who's moving to a big boy bed. After reading this I cancelled that order and will order this one. THANKS!!! 🙂 I hope he likes it.

  • mphin278

    Do you know anything about memory foam mattresses and if they are safe? a year ago my dh purchased one and won't sleep on anything besides it due to his back, he wants to get dd one when she moves to a twin bed, but I feel it should be a mattress like you described. Do you know if any toxic chemicals r in memory foam mattresses and pillows???

    • Danika Carter

      They offgas terribly! I always amazes me that they are advertised in so many natural living magazines. They are anything but natural and not at all safe.

  • lizzyb

    mphin278 – DO NOT get a memory foam mattress for your daughter if you are concerned about toxic chemicals – they are even worse than regular mattresses with the off-gassing. You can not go wrong with Naturpedic – definately worth the extra money! Good luck!

  • Jamie

    What do they use as a fire retardant. When we were mattress shopping, my understanding was that all mattresses are required by law to have fire retardants.

  • That's a great question, Jamie. Naturepedic uses a fire protection system is based on the unique fire retardant properties of baking soda and hydrated silica bonded to cellulose fiber.

    Keep in mind that most traditional mattresses use polyurethane foam as their core and it's highly flammable. Natural and organic cotton is a is significantly less flammable to begin with.

    Read more about it at

  • I'm so glad you were able to cancel your traditional mattress order in time, Stephanie! I'm 100% positive you'll be glad you did.

  • CE

    Has anyone actually ordered one of the larger mattresses from Naturepedic? My daughter is getting ready to move to a big girl bed and I wasn't sure where to begin my search for a safe larger mattress.

  • Organic

    I think, in many cases, the decision to go with an organic mattress is more common sense than anything. Look at the list of missing ingredients you included and it becomes a “no duh” decision – especially when considering exposing a baby to toxic materials for extended periods of time. Great review!

  • We bought this mattress 2 years ago for our newborn (who's now a wild 2 yr old who jumps in crib like a monkey!) and I have nothing but good things to say for this mattress! We love it and I feel great knowing he's sleeping on an organic mattress!

  • Amy

    Yes, we bought a twin size when my daughter turned 3 a year ago. We've been more than happy with it. It seems a bit firm but we have it directly on the wood slats of the bed and not with a box spring so that might be part of the reason. My daughter has never once said it was hard or uncomfortable though. It was more expensive for sure but I think the benefits are definitely worth it.

  • Eve

    We have the same mattress for our almost one-year old and have been so happy with it. Definitely more expensive than the toxic options but soooo worth it!

  • Christine

    We bought a twin Naturepedic for our son last November. I can't remember from which online store we got it from but they were awesome…free shipping, too! It took us several months to decide which organic mattress to order. We're very happy with Naturepedic! Just like Amy, we also have the mattress directly on wood slats.

  • Choosing organic mattresses is really necessary. This way, you can rest easy from health threats such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Most of the chemicals incorporated in baby mattresses that make them fire retardant are actually very harmful. Rather than expose your baby to these, why not spend a bit more money on health-friendlier mattresses like organic mattresses?

  • Fire retardant chemicals incorporated in mattresses actually make the mattresses a lot more harmful. Today, mattress companies answered this plea for better fire retardant chemicals by using wool. Sheep wool is actually a lot more fire resistant that other organic or natural ingredients. This is better too because it will not induce chemical allergies or irritations.

  • Maire

    I tried Naturepedic and I did not like it. The plastic cover made too much noise and it wasn't completely flat. We got a natural latex mattress from Natura instead and it is absolutely wonderful.

  • I'm so love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.

  • new_shopper

    can anyone tell me how to clean the waterproof side (of the naturepedic 2 in 1 mattress) when the child does wet it , can that layer be zip off the mattress and machine wash.

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  • Jenjerry

    I bought this mattress and LOVE it! When you open the package it smells fresh not full of chemicals and it’s made in the USA!

  • Danika Carter

    Another reason organic is important is because of the environmental effect. Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed agricultural substances. Each time you buy something made of organic cotton you are protecting both the environment and the farm workers. You are also fighting climate change as 30% of green house gases can be attributed to conventional farming methods. Even if there weren’t health benefits for my child, this would be reason enough to buy organic.


    When it comes to comfort, technology comes into play. It is imperative that you find a technology that is most suitable for your comfort needs. If you are a back pain sufferer, you should consider getting a topper incorporated with high-density foams like memory foam or latex foam. Don’t worry! While these foam technologies are usually expensive in primary beds, they are relatively inexpensive in toppers.

  • Kelly & Dave

    We co-sleep, so no crib mattress to worry about, but at this point we really can’t afford a queen size organic mattress. I am wondering if you think it would be effective to get an organic mattress pad or cover as a barrier to the regular mattress?

    I also didn’t know that memory foam was so bad…my husband uses a memory foam pillow – should I make him get rid of it?

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  • Lizm

    We are using this for the first time with my 8 Month old daughter and she seems to be sweating a lot! Could this be due to the polyethylene cover? Has anyone else experienced this?

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