Issue #36: The Ultimate DIY Dishwasher Detergent + a Secret Ingredient

ecokaren dishwashing detergentHomemade Dishwasher Detergent Without Borax

by EcoKaren, Smart Ideas for Green Living and Handmade Life

I am so happy to tell you that I've FINALLY came up with the perfect dishwashing detergent without using Borax but with a secret  ingredient.

I posted my recipe for homemade dishwashing detergent using Castile soap awhile ago and I've had results from “not-so-great” to “iffy” at best. And the main reason seems to be that Castile soap coats a thin film on some dishes and glasses. I've used vinegar as a rinse but it's still not that effective in making everything spotless. Some people suggest using Borax but I'm not so sure it's that safe either.

See the “old” and “new” images for my glasses and stainless steel lids and blades above? “Old” ones are using Castile soap. Very disappointing.

So frustrated, I was determined to find the perfect dishwashing liquid, using non-toxic ingredients. I still love Borax in my laundry detergent recipe but decided against using it for washing dishes and utensils.

I certainly wasn't going to go back to using toxic Cascade or other commercial detergents. Look at this hole in a plastic water bottle that contained Cascade for about a month. What is in that detergent? No wonder Cascade is sold in tough plastic bottles, like #6 or 7.

If you have one of those dishwashing detergent brands that contain synthetic chemicals, throw it out. See what you are ingesting??? Gross. Use my formula. It's much safer. Besides, I did all the work in finding the perfect formula for you. I ran my dishwasher a bazillion times to test them all and this is the formula that rocked in making my dishes and utensil spotless!

I'm going to list the exact amount that I use for one load of wash. You can multiply this for a larger quantity but it's just as easy to scoop out individual portions each time. It only takes a few seconds and scooping it out individually, I know I am getting the exact proportions.

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