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An Organic Cough Syrup That Actually Works

An Organic Cough Syrup That Actually Works

*Maty's Healthy Products partnered with us to bring you an this info on conventional vs natural cough medicine.

We've always loved Maty's Healthy Products. It's so nice to have natural alternatives right on the shelves of our nearest drugstore. I use their Acid Indigestion Relief whenever my belly flares up, so I was super excited about the chance to try their brand spankin' new Certified Organic Cough Syrup. Little did I know I'd actually need it for myself (I hardly ever get sick)!

Conventional Cough Medicine

I hate taking any conventional medications unless absolutely necessary because my body has strange reactions to them. I haven't found one that doesn't make me jittery, wide-eyed and restless. Yeah, pretty much the last things you want to happen when you're sick…so I DOVE for the bottle of Maty's I'd recently gotten my hands on.

You've probably tried other natural cough syrups, and, like me, may have been disappointed with most of them. Experts even say the serious chemicals in children's cough syrup like dextromethorphan and pseudoephedrine do nothing to provide relief. So why even use them??

We normally just use a humidifier or eat some of our raw honey to soothe our scratchy throats and give a little relief. During flu season, I always make multiple batches of our DIY flu shot to help keep us from getting sick in the first place.

We do have our own tried and true cough remedy, but sometimes when I'm the one that's sick I just want something I don't have to DIY. Something I can have my husband run to the store and get for me. Something easy that works.

So I tried my Maty's.

What's In Maty's Organic Cough Syrup?

I was super hopeful about this stuff. All that honey, cinnamon, zinc, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper goodness. Plus it's got tons of natural antioxidants and vitamin C. It's not just a cough medicine; it's really a help-your-body-heal-cough-medicine that's safe for everybody 1 year and up. AND IT'S CERTIFIED ORGANIC! No stupid pesticides for me.

The taste. Wow, like sweet honey. There's the tiniest hint of citrus sour with a teeny little kick of cayenne at the very end. Extremely pleasant.

I had my kids try it too. They asked for more. I was sure I'd have no problem getting them to take this medicine (of course)!

How It Worked for Me

Prior to trying this cough syrup, I had a couple of restless nights dealing with my itchy throat and persistent cough, so I made sure to take a dose during the day, in the early evening, and one right before I went to bed.

My conclusion? While I still coughed a smidge through the night, it was nothing like the two previous slumbers (or lack thereof). I slept and woke briefly a few times, and was able to go back to sleep again without even one coughing fit. Such a relief!

I'm positive that Maty's organic cough syrup made a difference for me. I'd highly recommend giving it a try. You can find tons of Maty's products at your local CVS, Kroger or RiteAid.

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