Plastics: An Important Part of Your Healthy Diet

NaturalNews - Plastics Are Good For You!I came across this crazy advertisement today while reading through the growing list of chemicals implicated in hormone disrutpion on  The ad was part of a series run widely in the 1990’s recommending that people think of plastic as “your sixth basic food group.”   It’s amazing to think about what the chemical industry spends to convince people of the safety of their products – whether load with bisphenol-a or not!

The ad copy is a little hard to read, so here’s the full text:

Plastics: An Important Part Of Your Healthy Diet

“You could think of them as the sixth basic food group.”

Oh, you certainly wouldn’t eat them, but plastic packaging does help protect our food in many ways. To help lock in freshness, plastic wrap clings tightly to surfaces. To help lock out moisture, resealable containers provide a strong seal. And plastic wrap helps extend the shelf life of perishable produce, poultry, fish and meats. To prevent spoilage and contamination, some varieties of plastics help keep air out. While others let air in to help the food we eat stay fresher longer. Plastics also let you see what you’re buying, taking the mystery out of shopping. All of which makes them versatile, durable, lightweight and shatter-resistant. To learn more, call the American Plastics Council (APC) at 1.800.777.9500 for a free booklet. Plastics. One part of your diet you may never break.

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  • willowsprite

    Eurgh… that's kind of disturbing…

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  • Kim

    that's disgusting!

  • Laura

    EW. Just ew.

  • greenandcleanmom

    Gross! Alicia, I don't comment enough but boy am I thankful for the information you provide. We started at about the same time and look how far we have come! Thanks for all you do as a friend, biz partner and support network!!!!

  • raAhel.jones

    O good heavens.

  • I feel exactly the same way about you, Sommer! I can't imagine what exciting journey life has for us next – what a ride! You're awesome 🙂

  • OneChanceOneLife

    As long as people are educated to recycle plastic instead of throwing it where ever they feel like… it's ok. Plastic is indeed very useful is certain situations and we need it, but I underline again the importance of recycling plastic as it can pollute the environment for a long period of time.
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  • I think it would be a site to see. I have to say that since budgeting most of the food I buy is fresh I’ve been trying to cook more.

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