PVC-free Mattress Covers

Protect Your Child from Chemical Fumes with Mattress Wrapping from thesoftlanding.comWhile searching for PVC-free mattress covers, it became apparent that most allergy relief/bed bug mattress encasements are made of polypropylene, polyethylene, or polyester, which is great news.  But we also learned that you need to watch out for those that have a “membrane,” because they are usually made of vinyl or polyurethane.  Because it takes time-consuming research to find out whether it’s actually PVC, we recommend avoiding that style.  The membrane type encasements are also easier to identify because they’re usually not padded.

PVC-free Mattress Encasements

Brylane Home
Mattress Guard
Bargoose Bedding: waterproof 100% cotton pads and polyester fleece mattress pads for infants, allergy relief polyester/cotton membrane-free mattress encasements and polypropylene encasements for regular sized beds

PVC-free Mattress Covers/Pads

Room Essentials
Home cotton blend pad
Home waterproof polyester pad
Easy-Care cover

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  • Onenuthouse

    thank you sooo much for researching this- thrilled that i have options. boy- you gals are a great resource!

  • Alisha

    Thanks so much! I’ve wondered about this for a while. I bought my mattress encasements from Achoo Allergy. Looks like I didn’t get PVC free ones? :(

  • Shallena

    Do you have any knowledge on whether or not AllerZip or American Baby Organic mattress covers are “safe”? Thanks!

  • http://safemama.com Kathy

    This is awesome Alicia!

  • Tiffany

    Hi Alicia, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Naturepedic?

  • http://thesoftlanding.com Alicia

    Hi Tiffany,

    I guess we thought Naturepedic would be a given because they’re labeled as PVC-free, but it wouldn’t hurt to add them for folks who don’t already know!

    Thanks for the suggestion,


    • SAPsMaMa

      Glad I read the comments, this was my question! :) I was in search of a PVC mattress cover that is also organic, Naturepedic seems to fit the bill!

  • Sara

    Do any of these prevent mattress off gassing?

  • http://www.suzannesnorwex.com/ MrsNorwex

    What an excellent resource! Thank you for researching this and providing an easy way to decipher. Padding IS nice and comfy, but you often times doing what’s better for you and your family requires sacrifice!

  • Stephanie M

    Is the only waterproof one infant sized?

  • Amanda

    Feel free to post this in our natural living portion of our website for Attached Families: http://www.attachedresources.com/forums

  • Meredith

    Thanks very much for compiling this resource. Just so I’m clear, I can buy a “normal” mattress for my daughter and as long as I use one of these products – probably an encasement – my daughter will be safe from mattress off-gassing and toxic exposure. Is that correct? Thanks again!

  • Zaira

    now, could you please find me some affordable wool/organic cotton twin protectors? Not comfortable with any synthetic material at all on our organic mattress but not comfortable with the price tags either! YIKES

  • Fishfishkiss

    I have been searching for a pvc free mattress cover for our crib and found one for less that $15 via BRU Especially for Baby…is this too good to be true?

  • Stacy

    Like other people I am wondering if any of these mattress covers prevent off-gasing. I bought a babesafe mattress wrap for our co-sleeper and crib, but can not find anything similiar for our queen mattress.
    I am concerned when the manufacturers boost breathability.
    According to the New Zealand cot death study, we should trap the fire retardents elements phosphorus, arsenic or antimony – or more specifically the gases that are created when the mold Scopulariopsis brevicaulis consumes these elements.

    So, does any one know of a mattress protector that prevent off gasing? Dr. Sprott recommends 125 microns thick polythene (polyethylene) plastic to prevent off-gasing.
    Thanks to anyone that can help – I have spent hours and hours looking, but all I find are other people looking for the same product.

  • http://www.mattressinchina.com Memory Foam Mattress

    This is awesome Alicia!

  • http://www.mattressinchina.com Memory Foam Mattress

    Do any of these prevent mattress off gassing?

  • http://www.moldremoval.org Mold Removal Hollywood

    What an excellent resource! This is awesome Alicia!Thanks so much!

  • Jojo

    What about mold on the mattress, is it safe from it?

  • Jon4845

    aller-ease mattress covers are polyurethane

  • Erin

    I am looking for a mattress encasement that is waterproof, pvc and all the other bad stuff free, but that doesn’t absorb urine. I bought an Aller-Ease cover for my son’s bed but returned it because I tested it with a few drops of water before using it. It absorbed the water, at least some of it, and would absorb urine too. I don’t want to have to wash the cover every time he wets the bed. So, I want a plasitc like encasement that doesn’t have all the bad stuff that comes with plastic. Is that asking too much? Please help if you can. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    This will probably be my last post for a short time – baby comes on Monday so I’ll be laid up for a bit. But before I go, I wanted to post this last thing because I’ve gotten the question a few times and I had this own challenge myself.

  • Erin

    I wound up making my kids mattress covers. I bought some opaque PEVA shower curtains to use. I cut off the grommets and carefully cut out the magnets at the bottom. They were wider than I needed them to be so I cut off the extra after taking careful measurements of the bed. They were shorter than I needed them to be so I sewed the trimmed strip to what would be the bottom of the cover. So, there is a seam near where their feet go. This is less than a foot from the end of the bed so its not a problem for overnight wetting, which was our issue. You could also put it up near the head of the bed, but I figured it was safer to put it at the foot in case of nosebleeds, drooling or vomit.

    If I had a way to heat seal the pieces together I would have, but didn’t want to risk melting through the cover and ruining it. I used a sheet tutorial I had already used to make crib sheets to calculate how to cut the corners before sewing them together. Its a square with two triangle pieces added to the sides making a wing like shape. I added some thin elastic around the head and foot of the cover and I was done. It took me a couple of hours to make two of them and cost me about $20. They serve my purpose and didn’t smell because they are PEVA. I can feel good that the mattresses are protected and my kids aren’t breathing bad fumes. I’m so happy and my kids are too. I am subscribed to this thread, so if you have questions about what I did you can post here and I’ll see them.

  • Latex mattress

    wow amazing…… I like it very much

  • http://www.foamorder.com/ Bed Bug Protectors

    Hey i had faced this
    bug problems and this product is really effective.

  • Shop714-travel

    The Bed Bug Blocker from Brylane home lists its materials as 50% polypropylene, 50% polyethylene (the picture shows a polyethylene layer and a polypropylene blend layer), but it also says it is made of a “microporous 3-layer fabric.”   What is the 3rd layer?  I’m trying to confirm that it’s not a polyurethane membrane. 

  • http://www.snugmattress.co.uk/ Carel

    Brilliant blog. Most blogs you read online don’t offer much information. This was really helpful.Its really a superb post.Keep in touch with us in future too.Thanks.

  • Marg

    What about SafeRest?  From their site it appears to be vinyl andf PVC free.

  • Marg

    Love your site – thank you for the great info :)

    I understand the polyethylene are safe but are those that contain polypropylene safe as well, such as the Brylane? 

  • http://www.technicalfoamservices.co.uk/ Justin

    Nice blog. I have just bookmarked this page so I
    don’t miss any more of these.I would never have normally come here to read the
    blogs but I’m really glad I did.I will definitely be coming back

  • mela

    can anyone please help how safe is the polurethane membrane on waterproof mattress protectors – i thought polyurethane was a very toxic product but it keeps being offered as an alternative to pvc. Are there different grades of polyurethane? thanks

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