How to Find Safe Furniture + Mattresses for Kids Rooms and the Whole Family

How to Find Safe Furniture + Mattresses for Kids Rooms and the Whole FamilyVOCs, toxic glue, formaldehyde and flame retardants shouldn’t be lurking all over your kids rooms! But finding safe furniture for your home can be a daunting task.

How to Find Safe Furniture for Your Family

An easy way to locate safe furniture is to look for unupholstered, solid wood pieces that contain no foam or fiberboard. This eliminates the need for flame retardant chemicals and formaldehyde glue. A quick inquiry to the company can also give you the information you need about the finishes used on the wood. Make sure they’re natural, water-based and no or low-VOC (volatile organic compound).

You can also request safer materials at your local furniture store, and they may be able to accommodate your needs by sourcing flame retardant-free materials and non-toxic glues and finishes.

Safe Furniture + Mattress Guide

Our amazingly large list of finds includes furniture with no or low-VOC finishes and glues, and no formaldehyde or flame retardants. Most of these manufacturers also use sustainable, eco-friendly and natural or recycled materials in their products.

Safe Furniture Manufacturers

These companies are committed to providing furniture that meets our safe furniture standards, so you can purchase any of their products with peace of mind.

Select Flame Retardant & Formaldehyde-free Furniture Pieces

These companies make only select pieces or lines of furniture that meet our safe furniture standards. It’s important to inquire about the piece you’re interested in to confirm the materials used before purchasing from these manufacturers.

Kids Furniture

These manufacturers offer children’s furniture that meets our safe furniture standards.


These manufacturers provide mattresses free of flame retardants, PVC and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and many of them are GREENGuard certified and use all organic materials.

An important piece of information we always include with our mattress recommendations is the mattress wrapping protocol should you need to find an effective way to shield your children from an off-gassing mattress. It’s a fairly simple technique that can make a huge difference in maintaining the delicate health of a child.

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  • Leslie

    I don’t mean to question your research, but I have read that it is impossible to obtain a mattress not treated with fire retardants unless you have a doctor’s prescription, due to the requirement to pass the blowtorch test. Have you heard/read anything about Intellibed mattresses? I’m having a hard time with all the conflicting information out there.

    • It can be very confusing, Leslie! That’s one of the main reasons we put the effort into providing this information for people.

      Mattress manufacturers are required to meet certain flame retardant requirements, but they’re allowed to do that by means other than toxic chemical treatments. This means their products can be flame retardant-free, but possess certain qualities that meet the requirements of the law (like wool which is a material that’s inherently flame retardant).

      You may need to obtain a doctor’s note to purchase a mattress made without chemical flame retardants if that mattress doesn’t have other properties that allow it to meet the requirements of the law (like a 100% cotton mattress with no inherent flame retardant properties).

      Hope that helps clarify it for you! ~Laura

      • John Landau

        I read that this bed is not safe.

  • dontbothermewiththefacts

    Do you know anything about Astrabeds mattresses?

    • No I’m afraid we’ve never looked into that brand. We’ll keep it in our list to check into though!

      • dontbothermewiththefacts

        Thanks- please keep us posted!

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