Safer Baby Skin Care Cheat Sheet by Safe Mama the SuperStar

Safe Mama Safer Skincare Cheat SheetSafe Mama is one of my favorite resources!  When I receive questions and PR pitches about skincare lines I often run to her for help.  She never complains about my lack of understanding as she translates those fifteen syllable words into terms I can easily grasp.

With her growing knowledge, Safe Mama has become more aware of bothersome ingredients, aside from parabens and phthalates, she wants to avoid.  As a down to earth parent, she also realizes that parents are at different places in their non-toxic journey in regards to how many chemicals they’ll tolerate and budget constrictions.  To this end, she divided her new Safer Skin Care Cheat Sheet into several categories:

  • BEST CHOICES: Safe Mama’s Top Picks:  these brands are free of toxic chemicals according to the latest ingredient information.  They also rate well in the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics database and are made by responsible companies.
  • BETTER CHOICES:  these items are free of parabens, phthalates, PEG’s, propylene plycol, phenoxyethanol, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium benzoate, dimethicone, SLS and a bevy of other chemicals.  The brands exhibit a very respectable ingredients list.
  • GOOD CHOICES:  these brands are paraben, phthalate, propylene glycol, PEG, propylene glycol free, but have one or more products containing cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium benzoate, dimethicone, and/or phenoxyethanol. Some of these brands had traces of just one questionable ingredient and others had several, or contained more chemically processed ingredients than SafeMama was comfortable with.  They are still far better choices than most mainstream baby products and would recommend them.  You will need to investigate the products yourself and make a judgment call.

You can find the complete list on Safe Mama’s website.  If you’re unsure of the chemical names listed above, take a minute to review Safe Mama’s glossary for descriptions.  And as always, she’ll continue to update the list as she learns more.

All I know is that if I were J & J I wouldn’t want to run into Safe Mama and The Smart Mama together in a dark alley.  Just sayin’ :)

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Alicia Voorhies is a Registered Nurse who decided to take a break to relax and enjoy her young kids after 13 years of working with disabled adults. She began to explore the world of alternative health ideas and was immediately attracted to the mysteries of endocrine disruptors and their effect on children. In 2007 she founded The Soft Landing along with her mom and sisters to help parents provide a safe, natural home for their children without drowning in an overwhelming sea of information.

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  • Kathy

    Thanks Alicia! Have I mentioned how much I adore you lately? J&J better watch it… I’d hold them down while Jennifer interrogates them. Politely, of course ;)

  • Kathy

    Thanks Alicia! Have I mentioned how much I adore you lately? J&J better watch it… I’d hold them down while Jennifer interrogates them. Politely, of course ;)

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