ShiftCon Makes Connecting with Natural Living Bloggers and Trustworthy Companies So Easy

Early Bird Gets the Warm at ShiftCon 2014

There are all kinds of reasons for you to attend the first ever ShiftCon Eco Wellness Social Media Conference.  But I think the most important one is so you can see me!  I’m helping organize the conference as a member of the Leadership Board – and let me tell you – I’m terribly excited about how things are shaping up!

I’ve attended most of the major blogging conferences out there, but ShiftCon is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You’ll get to connect with your favorite natural living bloggers, learn from the top social media marketing experts, and get to know the companies who make products we’ve come to know and trust.  If you care about the food supply, our environment, health & wellness, backyard farming, and everything else in between, and use social media to communicate that, you belong here.

Above all, you can trust that Leah, founder of Mamavation and creator of ShiftCon, will make sure that a soda pop company isn’t sponsoring the wellness program.  You won’t find “natural” products that are made with endocrine-disrupting chemicals, GMO laden foods, or pink ribbons plastered on products that contain known carcinogens either.

It’s all about SHIFTing your perspective.  And together we’ll SHIFT the entire marketplace!

So will you meet me at ShiftCon on October 2-4, 2014 in Los Angeles?  Early bird tickets are on sale for $297 for a short time. There are only a limited number of tickets available at this price, so no dilly-dallying allowed!

Are you a natural living or social media expert?  We’re accepting applications for speakers now, so be sure to apply HERE if you’d like to be considered.

Are you a trusted brand interested in learning about sponsorship opportunities?  Contact me ASAP and I’ll send our media kit your way. 

Click HERE to get your Early Bird ticket now and save $50 using the code “THESOFTLANDING”

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Alicia Voorhies is a Registered Nurse who decided to take a break to relax and enjoy her young kids after 13 years of working with disabled adults. She began to explore the world of alternative health ideas and was immediately attracted to the mysteries of endocrine disruptors and their effect on children. In 2007 she founded The Soft Landing along with her mom and sisters to help parents provide a safe, natural home for their children without drowning in an overwhelming sea of information.
  • Kirsten McCulloch

    Oh, oh, oh, I would so love to come and I’m even planning to be in the States then. But, sadly, if I am in the States, it will also mean I’ll be in the middle of a big cross country road trip, and probably be around Louisianna at that point. Rats!

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