Stainless Steel Water Bottles Made in the USA

This is one of the most common requests we hear from our customers and blog readers.  So far, the answer is straightforward – there are no USA made stainless steel bottles at this time.  We have a great discussion going on this topic in the comments section of our Thinksport article, where you’ll see many bottles thought to be made in the USA mentioned and then clarified.

Does it bum me out? Yes.  I would love to be able to support a product made right here in our country.  But the logistics of manufacturing a stainless steel bottle in America are out of this world and extremely cost-prohibitive.

Does it worry me? No.  We choose the manufacturers we recommend very carefully.  We interview each and every company about their production oversight, chemical contaminant testing practices, and their factory’s fair treatment of employees.

P.S.  If you’re wondering about our take on the safety of products made in China as compared to those made in the USA, you can read more about it here:

P.P.S.  If you happen to know of a USA made bottle we’re missing, please give a shout out!

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  • stainless steel plate

    When the total life cycle costs are considered, stainless is often the least expensive material option.

  • Amywike78

    I love the stainless steel water bottles, especially that they are BPA free!

  • JJSchwartz

    Especially if “Made in the USA.”

  • The Soft Landing Sisters

    Thanks for the suggestion. We noticed they use some kind of lining inside their bottles, so we’ll have to investigate further to determine the product’s safety.

  • Dee

    Great American Products make SS bottles in the USA.

    • The Soft Landing Sisters

      Thanks for the heads up Dee! We’ll contact them to confirm. ~Alicia

      • The Soft Landing Sisters

        We just read through their website and saw that the bottle isn’t actually made from stainless steel, but rather from recycled aluminum. That’s why they have a lining (which is supposed to be BPA-free, but no details are given about what that material actually is). ~Alicia

  • The Soft Landing Sisters

    Thanks for the suggestion Penelope! I contacted them this morning and they don’t actually manufacture the bottles in the USA:

    “I am sorry to inform you but our Thermaluxe vessel is made in China. We bring vessel in USA and assemble bottle here in USA with all other part. All other parts for Thermaluxe bottles are made in USA.

    Again we are sorry to notify you about this news. No stainless bottles is made in USA, since there is no company in USA that like to produce them, as soon there is one we would be first company that would used them to produce our Thermaluxe bottle.”

    And here’s how I responded:

    “Thanks so much for your quick and helpful response! I thought that was probably the case, because in five years, I’ve never found a single stainless steel bottle made in the USA.

    I personally don’t have an issue with bottles made in China, so long as the production is overseen by a trustworthy company who is testing for heavy metal contamination.

    Your website is misleading though because you clearly state in your logo that your brand is made in the USA, but you don’t note the fact that they are only assembled here in America.”

    We’ll just keep looking!


  • Bob Snot

    “But the logistics of manufacturing a stainless steel bottle in America are out of this world and extremely cost-prohibitive.”

    I have to say that sounds like typical corporate talk and it’s worse when everyday people parrot it. When I hear someone saying things like that it makes me wonder what kind of profit margin they’re aiming for. Before our great manufacturing exodus, everything was made here in the U.S.A. by decent, to good paid U.S. workers and our country functioned just fine. If foreign countries and companies were flooding our market with cheap junk to under cut our manufacturing maybe we should have done something to stop it. Instead our business and finance cowboys and cowgirls thought what the heck, instead of fighting it we can jump aboard and get rich, and they did. And it’s all come at a major cost to our working citizens and country.

    Many of the items made in China and sold here are being sold at prices that don’t come close to reflecting the cheap labor rates and true manufacturing cost that are being paid to make those items. The cost of goods has never reflected the true cost to manufacture an item, and in a Capitalistic society it never will. It’s all about what the market will bear.

    Not one major company that sent their manufacturing overseas did so because they were hurting, they did it strictly for greed. Get rid of U.S. workers making $20 an hour with benefits, who are able to support themselves and their families, and pay taxes based on those wage rates. Send their jobs to China or wherever, pay some poor workers 10 cents an hour with no benefits. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to see the insanely idiotic profit margin jump they gained, which sent their stock values into the stratosphere. A corporations number one and only concern is maximum return to their investors, period. They don’t care about U.S. citizens, and they don’t care about the United States, just maximum profit and a lot of their larger investors aren’t even U.S. citizens.

    No rational and responsible U.S. citizen should think what has been going on in the U.S.A. is a good thing. It’s very much the reason why our country is now broke and financially hurting. A few have gotten filthy rich by robbing from everyone else including and especially the country. Putting millions of our citizens in the poor house and creating a need for the social programs so many people want to bitch about. Aside from destroying unions, jobs, and wages for U.S. citizens they’ve also successfully corrupted our government (both parties) to do their dirty work, making a lot of our public hate the government. The government that is supposed to be the voice and power of the public, that keeps the wealthy greed mongers in line.

    There has been international commerce since mankind started roaming the earth, a global economy. This new buzz word use of it is nothing but big business and big fiance speak for we’re going to get rich by bankrupting everyone we can.

    I didn’t come here to make a political rant but when I read statements like that it burns me up, and it should every U.S. citizen, actually all people of the world, because it negatively affects people around the world.

    Hopefully a stainless steel water bottle can be found that is made in the U.S.A.

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