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Market Leading Prices on Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients.

Slow Death By Rubber Duck: The Story of a Toxic Soup Within

I just finished reading Slow Death by Rubber Duck, the story two concerned men hoping to shed light on everyday toxic chemical exposure by experimenting on themselves.  They focus on a new kind of  pollution.  We’re not looking for external evidence in factory smoke stacks and slimy rivers; we’re talking about insidious, internal pollution.  A  […]

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BPA in Receipts: Have We Gone Over the Edge in Worrying?

Many Americans have come to the point where they agree that bisphenol-a (BPA) is probably something worth avoiding in food containers.  It’s no longer a leap of faith when current research keeps churning out evidence of gender-bending effects, such as increased aggression in toddler girls after exposure to BPA during pregnancy. But now we’re hearing […]

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The Disappearing Male

Wow.  I’ve been immersed in the world of environmental toxin hazards for years, but The Disappearing Male documentary was shocking.  It has a Doomsday feel to be sure, but the dramatic increases in genital deformities, low sperm count, sperm abnormalities and testicular cancer in males can no longer be ignored. We’re just beginning to see […]

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Bisphenol-a Manufacturers Switch to Fear Inducing Strategy

Beware the upcoming marketing campaign depicting a desperately concerned pregnant mommy warning you about the impending disappearance of canned foods. Save BPA – it’s not that harmful!  What about the moms who don’t have time to grow their own food and prepare it without the help of cans lined with BPA?! Who are the fear […]

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New Study Shows 69% Increase in BPA Levels with Polycarbonate Bottle Use

The scientific journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, just published the shocking results of a new study done by Harvard University and Centers for Disease Control Prevention.   The levels of bisphenol-a in the urine of 77 Harvard increased by two-thirds after they drank cold liquids from BPA water bottles for only a week. Whether or not […]

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U.S. Lawmakers to Introduce Legislation for Federal Ban of BPA in Children’s Food Containers

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported yesterday that leaders from the House of Representatives and the Senate announced legislation to establish a federal ban on bisphenol-a in all food and beverage containers intended for use with children under 3 years old. The move came on the heels of two other major announcements: The six largest baby […]

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