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Sound the Alarm on BPA

USA Today Sounds the Alarm on Bisphenol-a and Phthalates in Baby Products

I am so excited to see that the media has finally stepped into the debate on toxic plastics in our babies’ bottles and toys. Until now, the growing uproar over the “Everywhere Chemical” has been raging quietly in research labs and in living rooms across America. Thanks to an eye-opening article released by USA Today, […]

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The Bisphenol-A Debate – Truly Toxic or Money Making Ploy?

Bisphenol-A (BPA) has come under scrutiny concerning its potentially harmful effects on babies and young children related to its hormone-disrupting properties. Bisphenol-A is actually an artificial estrogen, but it is bonded together in a chain of molecules to create the plastic called polycarbonate. Most major U.S. baby bottle manufacturers use the BPA chemical in their […]

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