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Baby Products Packaged in PVC

Baby Products Packaged in PVC

Editors Note: This article was originally published by Alicia Voorhies at Healthy Child Healthy World.   Many of us are aware of the dangers of PVC.  Made from the flammable gas vinyl chloride and then often combined with phthalates, PVC poses a threat from its inception to its afterlife in the landfill. We work hard […]

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Did the Plastics Industry Prepare the FDA Draft on BPA's Safety?

Did the Plastics Industry Prepare the FDA Draft on BPA’s Safety?

The Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal released a special report today saying that the FDA’s draft supporting BPA’s safety was prepared primarily by major stakeholders in keeping BPA on the market.  Stephen Hentges, executive director of the American Chemistry Council’s group on BPA, was involved in downplaying the dangers of the chemical. The FDA’s draft, released in August, found […]

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Melamine in China’s Milk vs. Melamine in Dinnerware

Let me start by saying that this is not an article about whether melamine dinnerware is safe.  We personally don’t use melamine dishes, because we’re waiting for more scientific evidence that toxic chemicals (like formaldehyde) don’t migrate from them into our food. Rather, this is an exploration of the difference between the organic compound melamine, […]

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FDA Upholds BPA’s Safety

Boy, it’s two steps forward and one step back. We just celebrated the ban of phthalates and lead a few days ago, only to turn around and find the FDA upholding the use of BPA in children’s products. It’s depressing to see the FDA failing to protect us again. The folks at Green to Grow […]

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New Legislation Would Remove Lead and Phthalates from Toys

Healthy Child Healthy World announced recently that the Safe Toy bill banning six phthalates and requiring lead-testing has passed in the Senate! The final tally: the House voted 424 to 1 and the Senate voted 89 to 3 to pass this historic piece of legislation. Not only does it set a precedent to act with […]

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Healthy Child’s Take on Polycarbonate: Enough is Enough

Janelle Sorensen of Healthy Child Healthy World has set the record straight on polycarbonate. She certainly speaks for me and thousands of families I’ve encountered during my BPA free quest when she says, ” We don’t need it. We don’t want it. And while we wait for industry and government to understand that, we don’t […]

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