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Zuvo Water Filtration System Review

The generous folks at Zuvo contacted us recently with an opportunity to try out one of their water filtration systems, so I jumped at the chance! I’d already been looking for a better, yet affordable, alternative to our filtered water pitcher, and the Zuvo Water Filtration System was definitely the answer. I opted for the […]

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Safer Plastic Research Guide by www.thesoftlanding.com

Learn How to Do Your Own Safer Plastic Research with Our Free Guide

How in the world do you choose safer products from thousands of untested, unlabeled and unhealthy options sitting on the shelves of your local store? It seems like a full time job to keep your family safe sometimes.  Our team has spent the last seven years researching toxic plastic alternatives, so we’ve learned the ins […]

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Testing Reveals Vinyl (PVC) in Flooring and Wallpaper Contains Toxic Chemicals

If this most recent news highlighting the woes of PVC doesn’t convince America that it’s time to make a major move toward PVC-free alternatives, then nothing will! The nonprofit Ecology Center tested over 1,000 flooring samples and nearly 2,300 types of wallpaper for substances that have been linked to asthma, birth defects, learning disabilities, reproductive […]

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Lead-free vs. Lead-safe: What’s the Difference?

As parents experience more recalls related to lead in children’s products, we continue to receive ever more questions about descriptions used on product labels.  Many parents confess feeling like manufacturers are trying to sneak something by them, so we’re hoping to help clear up some of the confusion. As The Smart Mama explained in our […]

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Toxic Cadmium Used in Kid’s Jewelry as a Substitute for Lead

I was surprised to read a story in the Associated Press about an investigation involving testing of 103 pieces children’s jewelry done by chemistry professor Jeff Weidenhamer of Ashland University in Ohio.  Most were purchased in November and December 2009 and of the products tested, 12 contained at least 10% cadmium (or more than 10,000 […]

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Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees: Not an Obvious Answer

At first glance, artificial trees seem to make more sense as a long-term solution when considering cost, ease of use and the reusability factor.   Artificial trees actually have some eye appeal these days, as compared to the days when they were manufactured by a toilet brush company. Cutting down a living tree seems like a […]

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