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Market Leading Prices on Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients.
Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees: Not an Obvious Answer

Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees: Not an Obvious Choice

At first glance, artificial Christmas trees seem to make more sense as a long-term solution when considering cost, ease of use and the reusability factor.   Artificial trees actually have some eye appeal these days, as compared to the days when they were manufactured by a toilet brush company. Cutting down a living tree seems like […]

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President Bush Signs Legislation Banning Lead and Phthalates

Woohoo! This is momentous news, sure to cause waves of changes across the country. The New York Times released the announcement, explaining that the new law prohibits lead, beyond minute levels, in products for children 12 or younger. The bill also bans phthalates, a chemical widely used to make plastic products softer and more flexible. […]

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New Legislation Would Remove Lead and Phthalates from Toys

Healthy Child Healthy World announced recently that the Safe Toy bill banning six phthalates and requiring lead-testing has passed in the Senate! The final tally: the House voted 424 to 1 and the Senate voted 89 to 3 to pass this historic piece of legislation. Not only does it set a precedent to act with […]

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