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Slow Death By Rubber Duck: The Story of a Toxic Soup Within

I just finished reading Slow Death by Rubber Duck, the story two concerned men hoping to shed light on everyday toxic chemical exposure by experimenting on themselves.  They focus on a new kind of  pollution.  We’re not looking for external evidence in factory smoke stacks and slimy rivers; we’re talking about insidious, internal pollution.  A  […]

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Endocrine-Disrupting Obesogens: An Interview with Stephen Perrine

Last week we talked about the basics of a group of endocrine-disrupting chemicals called obesogens.  The whole thing sounded pretty bleak, but I promised to bring you some good news, so here we go! I had the opportunity to interview Steve Perrine, author of The New American Diet, Editor of Children’s Health and Editor-at-Large for […]

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