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An Exhaustive Guide to PVC-free Mattress Covers

An Exhaustive Guide to PVC-free Mattress Covers

We searched for PVC-free mattress covers to help reduce off-gassing from VOC’s in mattress and we also delved into the safety of polyurethane since it’s a commonly used material too.

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Baby Bath Shopping Guide

Safer Baby Bath Tubs and Seats

We’ve got the wide range of bath toys covered, but what about safe bath tubs and seats? You’ve probably noticed that most of the options out there aren’t marked with a recycling code, making it difficult to know what type of plastic they’re made from (like PVC).

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Kids Safer Cups and Dish Guide

Safer Kids Cup and Dish Guide

Finding safer cups and dishes for older kids has been a challenge. We’re embarking on an expedition to see what we can find. Our list is growing as we confirm more BPA, PVC, phthalate, and melamine-free options, so keep checking back! Urban Trend FunWares These Urban Trend Funwares products are innovative and unique, and encourage […]

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PVC a Substitute for Polycarbonate (BPA) in Sippy Cups – WHAT

PVC a Substitute for Polycarbonate (BPA) in Sippy Cups – WHAT?

My good friend Sommer of  Green and Clean Mom called me this morning with news I never really expected to hear:  she was staring at a sippy cup marked with a #3 recycling code (PVC). What?  Wait a minute, Sommer.  I think it must be a mistake.  Reusable plastic food containers are very (very!) rarely […]

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