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Safer Plastic Research Guide by www.thesoftlanding.com

Learn How to Do Your Own Safer Plastic Research with Our Free Guide

How in the world do you choose safer products from thousands of untested, unlabeled and unhealthy options sitting on the shelves of your local store? It seems like a full time job to keep your family safe sometimes.  Our team has spent the last seven years researching toxic plastic alternatives, so we’ve learned the ins […]

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Testing Reveals Vinyl (PVC) in Flooring and Wallpaper Contains Toxic Chemicals

If this most recent news highlighting the woes of PVC doesn’t convince America that it’s time to make a major move toward PVC-free alternatives, then nothing will! The nonprofit Ecology Center tested over 1,000 flooring samples and nearly 2,300 types of wallpaper for substances that have been linked to asthma, birth defects, learning disabilities, reproductive […]

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Toxic Chemical Lobby: Exclusive Leaked Footage [Video]

Toxic chemicals aren’t sitting around passively, they’re wreaking havoc with our health, and even designing a PR campaign too make sure they don’t become outlaws! The Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Coalition is bringing the truth of this out-of-control situation to the forefront with a video created to galvanize public support for Congressional action.  The characters […]

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60 Minutes Asks: Are Phthalates Really Dangerous?

Phthalates are found in an extraordinary number of everyday products. While it’s proven that the chemicals leach out of these products in high amounts, there’s still a bit of gray area in tying them, beyond all question, to health consequences.  CBS News tackles these questions in the video below discusses.  And as always, there are […]

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Slow Death By Rubber Duck: The Story of a Toxic Soup Within

I just finished reading Slow Death by Rubber Duck, the story two concerned men hoping to shed light on everyday toxic chemical exposure by experimenting on themselves.  They focus on a new kind of  pollution.  We’re not looking for external evidence in factory smoke stacks and slimy rivers; we’re talking about insidious, internal pollution.  A  […]

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Avoiding Toxic Plastic Ebook

Download Our Free Ebook to Find Out Why Avoiding Toxic Plastic is More Important Than Ever

The Environmental Working Group just released the results of a 2 year study where the umbilical cord blood of 10 random infants was tested for chemical pollutants.  BPA was detected for the first time ever – but it wasn’t the only offender – 231 other contaminants were found as well.  This research demonstrates that industrial […]

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The Disappearing Male

Wow.  I’ve been immersed in the world of environmental toxin hazards for years, but The Disappearing Male documentary was shocking.  It has a Doomsday feel to be sure, but the dramatic increases in genital deformities, low sperm count, sperm abnormalities and testicular cancer in males can no longer be ignored. We’re just beginning to see […]

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