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Tupperware is Moving Away from Polycarbonate Plastic (BPA)

We’re happy to report that Tupperware is finally moving away from BPA.  Most people wouldn’t know it though, because they make it so hard to find the information on their website.  It’s kind of strange, especially since they’re going to such effort to replace polycarbonate with safer alternatives. They’ve gone above and beyond most other […]

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PVC a Substitute for Polycarbonate (BPA) in Sippy Cups – WHAT

PVC a Substitute for Polycarbonate (BPA) in Sippy Cups – WHAT?

My good friend Sommer of  Green and Clean Mom called me this morning with news I never really expected to hear:  she was staring at a sippy cup marked with a #3 recycling code (PVC). What?  Wait a minute, Sommer.  I think it must be a mistake.  Reusable plastic food containers are very (very!) rarely […]

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FDA Finally Says BPA is Harmful but Continues to Ride the Fence

I was SO excited to hear about the FDA’s recent change in stance on BPA – until I heard the whole story . . . After delaying its decision three times, the FDA finally agreed that there is some concern about BPA and then issued a warning about its damaging effects. I did a happy […]

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NaturalNews - Plastics Are Good For You!

Plastics: An Important Part of Your Healthy Diet

I came across this crazy advertisement today while reading through the growing list of chemicals implicated in hormone disrutpion on OurStolenFuture.org.  The ad was part of a series run widely in the 1990’s recommending that people think of plastic as “your sixth basic food group.”   It’s amazing to think about what the chemical industry spends to convince people of the safety of […]

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Ask TSL: Does Tupperware Contain BPA?

UPDATE: Good news!  Tupperware now has a large selection of their products tagged as BPA-free and have updated their site with a statement about how they’ve switched to BPA-free materials.  We still recommend skipping all Tupperware products made with #7 plastic though (see their most current plastics guide from 2012). Tupperware is one of the most recognized […]

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That 6 Billion Pounds of BPA-laden Polycarbonate Will Take a Major Hit in the U.S. Soon

It’s shocking to think that more than 6 billion pounds of bisphenol-a are produced in the U.S. each year by Dow Chemical, Bayer AG and other chemical makers.  But today we glimpsed the beginning of the end for that big business when the Washington Post announced the six largest manufacturers of baby bottles will stop […]

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ZRecs vs. Tupperware: A Lesson in Uncovering Product Material Lists

Parents across the world have grown weary of the games being played by the major manufacturers of our children’s feeding gear. The market is experiencing one of history’s fastest swings away from a single chemical used in product manufacturing. Manufacturers are reeling in the wake of requests for information regarding the types of plastic used […]

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