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Christmas Meal

7 Ways to Skip Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals with Holiday Meals

For most families, food is a central part of our Christmas and New Year celebration.  So why not be prepared to skirt unwanted chemicals with your Holiday meals?  Who knows – you might get to show off some of the non-toxic ninja skills you’ve learned from us 🙂 Buy fresh produce and broths, soups, etc […]

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Avoiding Toxic Plastic Ebook

Download Our Free Ebook to Find Out Why Avoiding Toxic Plastic is More Important Than Ever

The Environmental Working Group just released the results of a 2 year study where the umbilical cord blood of 10 random infants was tested for chemical pollutants.  BPA was detected for the first time ever – but it wasn’t the only offender – 231 other contaminants were found as well.  This research demonstrates that industrial […]

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Nuby Responds to Healthy Toys Positive Test for PVC in Nibbler Net

UPDATE 12/18/08 (see below) When the Ecology Center released their 2008 test results on HealthyToys.org, I was surprised to find a positive test result for PVC on the Nuby Nibbler Net.  I immediately contacted Nuby to find out if the information they gave The Soft Landing initially could have been incorrect.  Our U.S. distributor began […]

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Enviroblog Calls for Plastics Labeling - We Second the Motion

Enviroblog Calls for Plastics Labeling – We Second the Motion

In their blog post, Our Poorly Managed Plastic System, Enviroblog spells out what most frustrated parents across America are thinking, “Just label the dang plastic already!” But that would mean admitting there might be a problem with some of the chemicals used in baby feeding products, wouldn’t it?  It’s quickly becoming apparent that mandating labels […]

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Toxic PVC in Shower Curtains

CHEJ Pulls Back the Curtain on PVC

I still remember opening my first baby doll for Christmas and thinking how wonderful that new plastic smell was. Now when I smell the aroma of fresh PVC off-gassing, I’m struck with a new thought, “Eeewww, smells like poison!” The Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) released a new study, “Volatile Vinyl: The New […]

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Steering Clear of Lead in Baby Bibs

We’ve been aware of the dangers caused by lead exposure in children for many years now, but you have to wonder how in the world a baby bib could end up contaminated with lead, right? It turns out that lead is almost always tied to the presence of PVC (also called vinyl) in baby bibs. Throughout […]

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