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Safer Food Dehydrator Shopping Guide

Safer Food Dehydrator Shopping Guide

My sisters and I are revelling in the fresh, organic produce at our local farmer’s market.  We can’t stand to think that the season for so many of our favorites is coming to an end already, so we’ve been scouring the planet for the best food dehydrator to helps us preserve some of the goodness. […]

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3 Ways You Didn’t Know Your Stainless Steel Bottle Makes Camping Easier by thesoftlanding.com

3 Ways You Didn’t Know Your Stainless Steel Bottle Could Make Camping Easier

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a stainless steel water bottle fanatic.  I’ve literally owned every single brand in most every style. I love knowing that I’m saving money, reducing trash and avoiding endocrine disrupting chemicals by skipping disposable water bottles.  But my devotion to stainless steel goes way beyond that with its amazing durability […]

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Top Reusable Water Bottles for Earth Day from thesoftlanding.com

Top Reusable Water Bottles for Earth Day

  In honor of Earth Day, we’re focusing on America’s overuse of disposable bottled water in the name of convenience and supposed better health. As Food and Water Watch points out, bottled water is not safer than tap water.  It creates mountains of garbage and causes other major environmental problems – not to mention that it’s […]

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Freezycup Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold Review

Freezycups Stainless Steel Ice Pop Molds Review

We recently had the opportunity to try out Freezycups from Life Without Plastic. As the name implies, their specialty is products made without plastic. They offer a huge variety of items from eating gear to toys, school supplies to travel accessories. It’s a plastic-free heaven! Freezycups are ice pop molds made of high quality, food […]

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Kids Safer Cups and Dish Guide

Safer Kids Cup and Dish Guide

Finding safer cups and dishes for older kids has been a challenge. We’re embarking on an expedition to see what we can find. Our list is growing as we confirm more BPA, PVC, phthalate, and melamine-free options, so keep checking back! Urban Trend FunWares These Urban Trend Funwares products are innovative and unique, and encourage […]

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