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Natural Prevention & Treatment of Pesticide Resistant Head Lice

Natural Prevention & Treatment of Pesticide Resistant Head Lice

Conventional lice shampoos and pesticide-rich treatments have given rise to super lice. Like super bugs, these pesticide resistant head lice are spreading rapidly to over 12 million kids each year. Don’t worry, we can help!

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Do Lavender and Tea Tree Oils Cause Endocrine Disruption in Children by thesoftlanding.com

Do Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils Cause Endocrine Disruption?

We’ve been hearing the question of endocrine disruption in lavender and tea tree oil since 2007, and we just got it again in response to our recommendation of organic skincare made with those particular essential oils.  I can understand that it seems like a valid concern, especially when you consider that many natural skincare products are […]

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Natural First Aid Kit for Camping

I’m packing for our first camping trip of the summer right now.  We’ve gotten our routine down pretty well over the years, and a big part of that is knowing what minor injuries and illnesses we need to be prepared to handle. Top 5 Tried and True Natural First Aid Remedies Angel Baby Bottom Balm […]

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Wish you had access to a holistic doctor 24/7? These expert-recommended remedies to treat what ails you safely and naturally at home are the next best thing! So make room in your kitchen cupboard for these surprisingly effective and totally affordable recipes.