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Naked Babies

Study Finds Eating Naked Lowers BPA Levels by 60 Percent

Our suspicions about the health of eating naked have been undoubtedly confirmed by our friends at the Breast Cancer Fund.  They conducted a landmark study in humans with the help of the Silent Spring Institute over a two year period.  They asked, and answered, some looming questions about BPA and phthalates in food packaging. For […]

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Canada Officially Declares BPA Toxic

Canada just became the first country to declare bisphenol A (BPA) to be a toxic chemical that poses risks to health and the environment. The official notice states: Therefore, it was concluded that bisphenol A should be considered as a substance that may be entering the environment in a quantity or concentration or under conditions […]

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Phthalates May Harm Mental Development and Soften Bones

Yep – phthalates are in the headlines again.  This time with even more damning evidence in two recently released studies. Bone Plasticizers? Environmental Health News (EHN) discussed a study published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry in which phthalates were found to provoke DNA damage that can lead to bone cell death in mouse cells.  […]

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Fast Company on BPA: Seeds of Doubt Falsely Planted with Big Tobacco Tactics

It was amazing to read Dave Case’s well-written article The Real Story Behind Bisphenol-a.  The opening tag line alone casts a spotlight of dismay across what I’ve called the Bisphenol-a Debate: How a handful of consultants used Big Tobacco’s tactics to sow doubt about science and hold off regulation of BPA, a chemical in hundreds […]

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Did the Plastics Industry Prepare the FDA Draft on BPA's Safety?

Did the Plastics Industry Prepare the FDA Draft on BPA’s Safety?

The Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal released a special report today saying that the FDA’s draft supporting BPA’s safety was prepared primarily by major stakeholders in keeping BPA on the market.  Stephen Hentges, executive director of the American Chemistry Council’s group on BPA, was involved in downplaying the dangers of the chemical. The FDA’s draft, released in August, found […]

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FDA Says BPA is Safe, but Offers Tips for Decreasing Exposure

FDA Says BPA is Safe, but Offers Tips for Decreasing Exposure

Today we watched as a most intriguing line was clearly drawn on the BPA front.  Sides were chosen without reserve and it all began with the FDA’s bolstered defense of the toxic chemical, which was quickly followed by tips for decreasing BPA exposure. Huh?  Did I miss something? Washington (AP) Sept. 16, 2008 – FDA […]

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Enviroblog Calls for Plastics Labeling - We Second the Motion

Enviroblog Calls for Plastics Labeling – We Second the Motion

In their blog post, Our Poorly Managed Plastic System, Enviroblog spells out what most frustrated parents across America are thinking, “Just label the dang plastic already!” But that would mean admitting there might be a problem with some of the chemicals used in baby feeding products, wouldn’t it?  It’s quickly becoming apparent that mandating labels […]

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