The American Chemical Industry Asks the FDA to Ban BPA in Baby Bottles to Keep Parents from Being Confused – Huh?

Have you ever had a kid you knew was doing something sneaky but you just couldn't catch them in the act?  Then when you finally catch him dead to rights, he instantly admits to it and says, “Sorry Mom, I didn't mean to – go ahead and ground me.”  I have.  And the suggestion that I go right ahead and discipline him makes alarm bells go off in my head.  That's when I know that there's more to the story…

The American Chemistry Council announced last week that it agrees that bisphenol-A shouldn't be used to make baby bottles and sippy cups.  Why the instant confession after spending millions of dollars to convince us it's safe?  Oh of course – the announcement came after California passed legislation to ban BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups.

Sounds like somebody got caught.  And the ACC's follow up explanation about the change in heart tripped the alarm bells for me:  they asked the FDA to “clarify” for consumers that BPA is no longer used to manufacture baby bottles and sippy cups. They even posted a nice little quote to help us confused parents understand how they're “clarifying” the situation:

Although governments around the world continue to support the safety of BPA in food contact materials, confusion about these products has become an unnecessary distraction to consumers, legislators and state regulators. FDA action on this request will provide certainty that BPA is not used to make the baby bottles and sippy cups on store shelves, either today or in the future.

Hmmm, I don't know about you – but I suddenly feel the need to see what they're hiding behind their back.

I'm pretty sure it's their way of saying, “Hey, we already removed BPA from baby bottles and sippy cups, and we're fine with that. Just don't tell us we have to remove it from canned foods and baby formula next!” I'm sure it's the only evasive maneuver they could think of to stop the snowball effect that is starting with BPA regulation.  All the more reason to keep the pressure on!

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