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Wild Mint Shop: Your One-Stop Destination for Non-Toxic Toys & Goods

Wild Mint Shop: Your One-Stop Destination for Non-Toxic Toys & Goods

FACT: We’ve dedicated a multitude of hours, many blog posts and countless brain cells to finding truly safe products for our families. In reality, it’s a never ending project, right? There are so many different aspects to toxins found in everyday products that it’s quite a relief to actually find what we’re looking for. Well, we found a trustworthy place to safely purchase tons of non-toxic goods for all of your family’s needs.

Are Dangerous Chemicals Hiding Under Your Christmas Tree?

Enter Wild Mint Shop. Who are they? For those of us looking for safe products, they’re a breath of fresh air. Wild Mint provides ONLY non-toxic products, and they’ve got a massive selection including toys, lunch and feeding gear, spa and beauty products, cookware and tableware, yoga mats, essential oils and so much more. HELLO!

Wild Mint Blocks - croppedA lot of times it can be hard to avoid toxins. We find them in every product category: in our eating gear, skincare and dental care products, toys, cookware, school and cleaning supplies, baby care products…well, you get the idea…so we’re constantly on the lookout for more products made safely because we know how important it is to spare our families from endocrine-disrupting chemicals like BPA, and off-gassing substances like phthalates and formaldehyde. Asthma, early puberty, organ damage? Thanks, but no thanks. I mean, no one wants to allow impending danger around the people they love if it can be avoided, right? Fortunately, more companies are making safer products, and it’s especially nice to be able to do a bunch of toxin-free one-stop shopping at a great place like Wild Mint.

Like the ladies of The Soft LToxic Toys: Not on Santa's List by WildMintShop.comanding, the folks at Wild Mint have spent years carefully researching what’s toxic, what’s not, what’s safe and what’s dangerous, and they’ve painstakingly chosen only the safest products for their customers. We know from experience how much time and effort it takes to put together mountains of information like they have, so we’re doubly impressed! Wild Mint also offers loads of other helpful resources which is just another reason to make them your first-stop place to shop. No worries about toxins like BPA, PVC, phthalates or lead here. Just choose and go!

And if you’re looking for toys like we always are, Wild Mint has an awesome selection of natural, organic and wooden toys. You can see one of our littles in the picture above playing with Wild Mint’s Uncle Goose ABC Blocks. She gets to have fun learning without the nasty chemical treated wood, and toxic paints and finishes with lung-busting VOCs that regular blocks can contain.

We also love Wild Mint’s handy Toxins in Toys Guide that helps ease the burden of avoiding those crazy toy toxins by showing you what to choose and what to steer clear of.

Wild Mint has a special offer to kickstart your Christmas shopping too!

Just enter the promo code WILDMINT at checkout to receive $10 off your order of $75 or more. You can also get free ground shipping on orders over $49. YES! [Offers good through 12/3/14]

Wild Mint Christmas Discount

NOTE: This post was sponsored by Green Sisterhood, but all opinions are our own :-)


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Laura Saville had years of experience as a manager in the restaurant industry before becoming a wife and mother of three. She was born to handle our special projects (read difficult jobs) since she is a researcher extraordinaire. We count on her to keep us abreast of the latest research studies and findings, so you'll find her helping parents reduce their family's exposure to toxic chemicals in everyday products.

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  • Karen

    The future TSL investigator looks so serious, inspecting those blocks! I assume, she’s wondering if they are “safe” to play with! Too dang cute!

  • Anna @GreenTalk

    I can eat her up. She is adorable. Do you think she is checking to make sure no nasty chemicals reside in and on those blocks? Or is she saying, “ah, Wild Mint. I know I am safe.”

  • Betsy (Eco-novice)

    Love, love, LOVE Uncle Goose blocks! We have the Spanish ones (which are more traditional looking), but I love those bold colors and design of your set. Browsing Wild Mint’s shops I see that they carry so many brands that I absolutely love and admire. So great to find a shop like this.

  • ginabad

    She’s so cute! I wish Wild Mint had been around when my first was a baby. My kids got YEARS of play out of those blocks!

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