Start Here

Start Here

Just getting started on your journey to a safer, more natural home and finding it overwhelming?  We know the feeling and we can help!

As they say, “Worried mothers do better research than the FBI” – and that's exactly how we came to be the Non-toxic Ninjas we are today!  We've been educating parents nationwide about how to reduce their family's exposure to toxic chemicals since 2007 and we've put together some resources that will help you make simple changes for long lasting impact.

Get Started with 10 Important Changes

  1. Use our safer shopping guides to find the least toxic options available for products that come in contact with your family most often
  2. Create a safe, non-toxic environment for your baby
  3. Avoid hidden chemicals like synthetic fragrance in everyday products
  4. Choose safe shampoo and conditioner
  5. Detox your period products (you'll be shocked to learn what's in there!)
  6. Green your cleaning with powerful DIY recipes using safe, affordable ingredients
  7. Filter your water to reduce exposure to chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium
  8. Choose a natural mattress (especially for your kids) or wrap your current mattress to contain off-gassing chemicals
  9. Ditch toxic plastic (learn what the biggest priorities are right here)
  10. Switch to homemade natural remedies whenever possible

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